Oh, My Have We Been Dancing!

Yellowrock Country Girl – Photo by Michael Craft

After an extended break from blogging due to work and internet issues I am finally back ! 

We had a great turnout for our 2nd raid at the Wrangler Country Squares on Friday the 13th of April with the Dixie Squares of Daytona Beach coming out to steal our banner, so I was busy making sure they had a banner to take back with them! I want to send out extra special thanks to Mary Ann Kuchar  of the Dixie Squares who took some of our extra bandanas and made us three extra embroidered banners for the Wrangler Country Squares. 

Rod and I have been enjoying all the square dancing over the last few months and our club the Wrangler Country Squares has grown to 17 members! We missed dancing at the Pioneer Art Settlement on Friday April 28th as the Pioneer Art Settlement had their annual Spring Frolic with all the old-time music and antique car show , contra dancers all in attendance. 

Sunday afternoon April 30th, Rod & I attended the outdoor picnic for  the area square dancers at Reed Canal Park in Port Orange hosted by Dixie Squares and Granada Squares. After lots of hotdogs and hamburgers we danced outside to the talents of John Swindle. We had a callers square going for the new dancers to earn their “purple hearts” dancing with the callers. The dancers got to dance  with the likes of Rod Barngrover  , John Saunders and John Barrett . Thanks to the Dixie Squares for inviting Rod and I to the picnic. 

Rod & I went on up to the Flagler Waves square dance club up in Flagler Beach with the Deland Honeybees who were raiding to get their banner back. It was a pleasure to dance with RJ Hogan again, as the last time Rod and I danced to  him was at the Bass Capitol Squares in Georgetown back in 1995! Wow, how time flies! 

Rod & I also attended the annual  Spring-Time  dance on April 21st  at the Brendon Squares with Rod  getting the opportunity to call with the fantastic and talented callers;  Don Whitaker, Whit Brown, Scotty Sharrer. We had a great time with 6+ squares dancing thru the night. 

A special thanks to the volunteers that helped make a successful demo dance for the 8 to 13-year-old children at the Metro  Church on Tuesday , May 1st  for Julia and Tim Parker.  The children had a great time with the help from Tim and Julia Parker, Dick Nordine, Norma and Wayne Newton  and Alice and Michael Craft . The children learned some of the basics for square dancing and also some line dancing. 

Tuesday , May 1st continued to busy with the Wrangler Country Squares having their first Square Dance Raid to the Granada Squares of Ormond Beach to get our banner back!  Thanks to Bob H , Herman  , Loren & Iva , John,  Sue , Jerry, Lill, Joyce and Norma.  We had a great time  with the Granada Squares being great hosts and lots of food to nosh on and some great dancing with John Saunders and Dick Nordine. The Dixie Squares said they would be back soon to the Wrangler Country Squares to get our banner back and John has requested bean soup ,potato soup or clam chowder when he comes out .

Thursday night,May 3rd  we had a raid to the Dixie Squares of Daytona Beach with the Casselberry Hoedowners raiding to get their banner back. Thanks to the dancers that came up from Casselberry and Orlando to make for a successful raid; Dick Nordine was already there since he was cuing rounds ,Tim and Julia Parker who chaperoned Wayne and Norma Newton and Grant and June,   our closer dancers from Daytona, Ormond Beach and Deland  Jerry , Norma, Gene , Marty, Rod and I from the woods of Pierson .

Our dance last night at the Wrangler Country Squares was a success with 27 dancers.  I enjoyed Peggy’s cinnamon coffee cake and all the extra goodies everyone brought to go with the chicken noodle soup , fruit and cheese plates. I am changing the menu up a bit next week in honor of Mothers Day with pulled pork being on the menu. With the warm weather we are letting all our dancers and visitors know that it is casual wear  for the dances until the fall when it cools back down.

 Rod and I are heading down to Plant City of Saturday May 5th for the Paul Place Memorial Dance  where Rod will get to call with the talented callers down in south Florida.

Until I see you in a square , line or round sending you all a big “yellowrock”

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