We’ve been busy dancing this month !

Yellowrock Country Girl – pic by Michael Craft

I haven’t  been writing a lot on the blog so far this month as I have been trying to get  the quilt  I am working on completed  when I am not working  or we are not off dancing . We  have  been  doing a lot of dancing over the last couple of weeks and the dancers at all of the area clubs have been having great turnouts.

Rod and I have had a great time with our club dances over the last few weeks at the Barberville Pioneer Art Settlement for the Wrangler Country Squares . We have had at least two squares each week and we really appreciate the turnouts of dancers and we are starting to get some new students interested in taking classes with us.  Jerry has volunteered to show us some of the line dances that he has learned  recently at the Casseleberry Hoedowners that Rod does not know  and Rod dances along with us, but he usually breaks out into a clogging routine from his Gator Country Clogger days . As they say: “You can get the line dancer in the clogger but you can’t get the clogger out of a dancer! ” I have had great fun in trying to make a different homemade soup each week for the dancers to enjoy during the dance and so far I have brought home an empty crock pot each week! 
The Casseleberry Hoedowners have been having great turnouts at their dances each and every Sunday with up to 6 squares dancing the afternoon away. Michael Craft has been busy taking lots of pictures during the dances and you really should go check out the pics at  www.hoedowners.net. Dick Nordine always has us dancing  to some wonderful waltzes and cha-chas. Norma Newton has  done some great work in working up some new line dances for us two left feet dancers! Thanks Norma, I think I am actually starting to get the hang of some of the dances as long as I keep my fingers hooked in my pockets to keep my rhythm! Gene  and Rod have both been keeping  the dancers dancing to lots of great music  while keeping us on our toes so that we try not to anticipate  what they are going to call.Thanks to all of the dancers who come in early to set-up the hall and help tear down at the end of the day, without there would be no dance.
The Deland Honeybees have also been busy dancing with 3 squares dancing the last two weeks and last night they had 33 dancers  which is their best turnout for the month of January! Great job dancers. 
Rod and I did not go to the dance  this past Sunday at the Casselberry Hoedowners as we attended the special dance at the Brendon Squares in Geneva with the national caller Gary Shumake.  We got to dance with lots of long time friends and the turnout was fantastic with 9 squares dancing the night away. We had a great night and I even won a Publix gift card with the 50/50 drawing, so you know that will be going towards my food fund for the Wrangler Country Squares.
This weekend is the Lakeland Winterfest Dance that goes on for 3 days and  I am excited to be going for the first time on Saturday not only to square dance and round dance but also to check out all the vendors and see what new items they have.
That’s all the news so far for this month  so until I see you in a square, round or line  here’s sending you all a big “yellowrock”.
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