Square Dancers Beginning a New Year

Yellowrock Country Girl- pic by Michael Craft

Rod and I are very excited with the New Year as we work on our new club Wrangler Country Squares . We have badges and dangles being designed  so that we can soon have sign-ups for joining our club and giving our visitors a dangles for their badges and I can’t wait to see the samples. We are working on getting the word out to everyone in the area about are dancing every Friday night at the Pioneer Art Settlement in Barberville and trying to get enough interest with the area residents to start a new class.

We had a great dance on Friday for the first week on January and the first dance for 2012 with 3 squares of dancers for square dancing, rounds and line dances. We had some new faces with Clyde and Judy Mitchell of Boots and Bows of North Carolina dancing with us. We had a guest caller; Gloria Vivier and her husband Fran of the Quabbin Valley Twirlers of Massachusetts along with their friends Wally and Barbara also from Massachusetts.
We had a great dance with Rod working the dancers thru lots of moves. Gloria Vivier also was kind enough to come onto the stage and call two tips for the crowd as well. Jerry Baron was very patient with all us with our two left feet as we  danced the line dances. The floor was full with round dancers  when Rod put on the Phase 2 rounds.  The dancers were able to relax in the kitchen with homemade Loaded Baked Potato Soup with cheese and bacon.
Norma won the 50/50 of $18 and Herman and Lil won the door prizes for the night.
I am working on the next few months worth of dancing themes  and I was excited with how the square dance news and ads for the Wrangler Country Squares looked in the January Bow & Swing.
We are still working on trying to get a new class of students. Please contact me on this post  by making a comment below so I  can  get your information.
This Friday which is Friday the 13th! We are having a dance for charity , so if you have any extra citrus on your fruit trees that you would like to share with the food bank, please feel free to bring to the club when you come for a visit. We are having homemade “Chicken Noodle Soup” along with our meat,cheese and fruit plate.
The Casselberry Hoedowners were back in action as well on Sunday with 4+ squares of dancers thru the afternoon. The  students having been making great progress and will be graduating soon. It was great to see Rita back and she was even able to do some round dancing.  Gene and Rod worked the dancers thru some great tips after being closed for two weeks due to the holidays. Dick Nordine cued some great rounds including one of my favorites Roses for Elizabeth which is a great waltz that we do not get to dance to enough, Rod & I had that down pretty good and now we are beginning to get rusty! Norma Newton taught us some new line dances to Dreamin, Cruisin and Restless.
Rod & I have scheduled a banner raid to Granada Squares in Ormond Beach on Tuesday night  January 17th  and hope to get a great turn out to a super fun club.  The Dixie Squares of Daytona will be raiding the Casselberry Hoedowners on February 12th which is our Valentines Dance.
We missed the dance at the Deland Honeybees on Monday night , but Rod spoke with Gene ion Tuesday morning and they had a great turnout of dancers with 2+ squares of dancers for the evening. The Vivier’s of Massachusetts even arrived to dance with the Honeybees.
That’s the square dance news for now. So until I meet you in a square, round or line sending you all a “yellowrock”
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