4 Patches 4 Hope and Boot Bash Blocks Update

I have been searching the blogs over the last month looking for ways to share my love of quilting and sewing for charity uses and I am truly amazed at all the wonderful men and women that have been using their talents for helping others and my personal New Year’s goal is to try to incorporate more charity projects into the things I already love  and enjoy doing everyday.

The first project I found which was an easy one for any of the folks with sewing skills. Reginas Arlauckas has created blog in memory of her mother who passed away from cancer. In her mother’s memory she is working on a noble cause of collecting  light-dark 4-patch blocks using 2 1/2 inch squares. Her goal is 4000 blocks which will be assembled in to “comfort quilts” and donated to the Anderson Medical Center in Anderson, SC. and the Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester,NY. You can also help in her additional goal of $4,000 in fund-raising, but it is not mandatory to send a monetary donation. You can check out her blog at http://4patches4hope.blogspot.com. As of this writing she now has 2,600 blocks sent to her  coming in from everywhere. How exciting is that! I just mailed out 7 blocks yesterday to add to her collection. So if you have a few minutes to spare I hope you can go check out her blog and maybe send a few blocks her way for a great cause.

7 4-Patch blocks headed to 4 Patches 4 Hope

The last block for December from the very talented Molly with Molly’s Place , www.sewhappy10000.blogspot.com   for her Boot Bash quilt blocks she has had designed each month was published in mid-December with so many things going on for everyone in December I give her my “boots off” for designing these fun boot blocks each month. My last progress update was back on October 2nd when I had the first six blocks done and July, August and September were cut out and ready to be stitched. I now have all 12 of the blocks completed and next step is turning them into a quilt! So, here’s how the last six blocks of the year turned out. I can’t pick out you particular favorite as each one is so different.The next time you see these blocks will be when they are turned into a quilt.

July Boot - yrcg

August Boot-yrcg

September Boot-yrcg

October Boot - yrcg

November Boot-yrcg

December Boot-yrcg

I have also been busy with the log cabin quilts for my two older children with the blue log cabin quilt on the quilt rack being hand quilted, once it is complete I will post the pictures of that quilt… 11 blocks to go out of 64 blocks I started with, it’s getting closer to being done!  The crazy quilt blocks that I posted about during last year  are coming along as well and I will update you on their progress in a later post. I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and all the new endeavors you may enjoy. Until next time sending you all a “yellowrock” .

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2 Responses to 4 Patches 4 Hope and Boot Bash Blocks Update

  1. Regina says:

    So glad you found me and are helping to spread the word for 4Patches4Hope. I appreciate the support from EVERYWHERE! It warms my heart!

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