Sorry for the Absence – What a Busy Month

Yellowrock Country Girl - pic by Michael Craft

Wow has this month gone by or what?!  Rod and I have been busy with the square dances at the Casseleberry Hoedowners , Deland Honeybees and The Wrangler Country Squares in Barberville since Thanksgiving. Our internet service has really been a terror for me to try and get on and blog about all of the dances each week so maybe I can catch everyone up to what has been happening! 
The Casseleberry Hoedowners have had great turnouts to their dances each and every Sunday with at least four squares of dancers dancing thru the day while the extras are able to sit out and rest. Rod and Gene have really been working the dancers with different calls to try and keep us from anticipating what they are calling. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. ; )  Sorry guys but you really should call what WE are dancing! 
The weekly group of dancers including, Martha, Lisa, Eileen, Buzz, Ron ,Annette,Tim , Julia, Lisa and Mary O and anyone else that I forgot to name we truly appreciate you guys and dolls for all you do to get the hall ready for the dancers each week.
I hear that the fall students are getting ready to graduate soon. Congratulations to each and everyone of you. We have had folks out during the month due to the flu and other illness and well wishes goes out to each and everyone of you from all of us to hoping you all get better real soon as we do miss you. The Casselberry Hoedowners have put out some really great spreads of food for the dancers for Thanksgiving and also the Christmas Dance last Sunday on the 18th.
Santa Claus and Mrs Claus even stopped their North Pole activities to spread the holiday cheer. Dick has been cuing some fantastic music including some Christmas rounds. My favorites for the rounds this month are Christmas in Texas and Jingle Bell Rock. Norma Newton and Jerry Baron have also been teaching us some great lines to my new favorite to Silver Bells. Rod and Gene do a great duo to Christmas in Dixie and Gene solos to I’ll Be Home for Christmas.
Michael and Alice Craft have been to the dances this month and Michael has taken some fantastic photos that you should really take a look at if you haven’t been to the club web page lately go to which will take you to the link to .
The Casseleberry Hoedowners will be back to their regular dance schedule on Sunday January 8th. Rod is already excited about more raids for the Hoedowners for 2012 after the great turnout for each raid during 2011 and we now have our first raid for 2012 set. We will be raiding the Granada Squares in Ormond Beach on Tuesday January 17th, 2012  which will be the week before the Lakeland Winterfest , so mark your calenders. 
The Deland Honeybees have also been busy with their dances with two and three squares of dancers each Monday night. They had a big turnout for their Christmas Dinner this past Monday night on the 19th with baked ham and fried chicken being the stars of the dinner with all the sides and fixin’s! My cherry pie was really warm so that they had to chase the cherries around their plate! Herman said he was not sure I made it as it was not in a crock pot!  Rod and Gene have called some great dances all month and Jerry Baron has been keeping us in line with the line dances. The Deland Honeybees will be back to their regular dance schedule January 2nd. 
Rod and I have really had a great time with getting  our own club “The Wrangler Country Squares “ up and running. We have had great turnouts of at least one square of dancers each Friday night which I am thankful with all of the holiday activities that have been going on since we started our club on Veterans Day in November. I have the weekly dances set as Light Dinner and Dancing , so each week the dancers will get a light meal, typically a homemade soup, meat/cheese and fruit platter along with coffee and punch. This way no one is in a hurry to try and get off work, get home, fix supper, eat and then dance. The dancers are starting to come hungry now as they know that we will be feeding them! Everyone also looks forward to the weekly door prizes as eachweek I have been able to make the prizes different and you never know what is in the box or package!  
We had a super dance last night for our Christmas dance as I treated the dancers to our personal family tradition of Baked Ziti and Frend Bread for the dinner menu for the night. We had a great turnout of 3 squares of dancers including line, square and round dancers when you count Rod who danced with me during the rounds! All of the great cookie bakers put on their aprons this week for our very first and hopefully annual Cookie Exchange , with Sue Linart having to don her apron twice after her husband John ate the first batch of cookies she had made! He said there was no note one them “Do Not Eat” !! We had a great variety of cookies and the exchange table was covered with cookies and everyone was able to take hope a canister of cookies for their morning coffee! Thanks to Sue,Margaret, Marty, Eileen and Lynda  for helping me  to fill all the canisters with cookies so everyone had a great mix.

The Cookie Monster would be Jealous

Rod has been working hard to be sure to give the dancers a great dance each week  and also work in some of the calls that do not get used on a regular basis ; Track Two , Tea Cup Chain, Acee Duece , Spin Chain The Gears , etc. Jerry Baron has been teaching the dancers the line dances that we are also learning at  The Casseleberry Hoedowners and Deland Honeybees, so even I am starting to catch on with my two left feet! 
I want to thank all of the dancers that have helped with my dancing for charity dances during December with your great donations. We were able to collect a lot of toys for the Marines Toys for Tots and lots of  food donations for the Salvation Army’s Food Bank collections. Both groups told me how much they appreciated all the donations for the needy kids and families that even our small club was able to provide.
Rod & I have been blessed with so many great friends during this last year that are in our square dance family that we truly appreciate and make us feel so humble in all the support we get from all of you, from the callers that continue to mentor Rod to all the dancers we meet. We want to send a special and wonderful thank you to all of  the dancers that surprised  us with the wonderful gift cards for Christmas last night at the Wrangler Country Squares which we were not expecting; Loren,Iva,Sue,John, Bob H, Lil, Joyce, Bruce, Saundra, Bob,Eileen, Gene,Marty,Jerry,Margaret and last but definitely not least Herman.  We just want to share our love of square dancing to everyone we meet and then  I can spoil them with food!  A special and wonderful thank you to Bob and Eileen Lingle for the beautiful handmade wooden bird house that Bob made for us which is now proudly sitting in my living room foyer.
Friday is our last dance for 2011. We will be dancing on Friday December 30th at The Pioneer Settlement. The dinner menu for Friday is homemade chili and cornbread. We will be dancing to say goodbye to Father Time as another great year ends and welcome the New Year Baby for 2012 and hope to wrangle up a great year of dancing for 2012.
Rod & I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. Until we see you in a square, round or in a big line sending each and everyone of you a big “YELLOWROCK”

Merry Christmas from The Wrangler Country Squares and our visiting dancers- pic by Joyce. Thanks for being my camera person!!

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