Hoedowners and Honeybees

Yellowrock Country Girl - pic by Michael Craft

Well, I am very late getting a post up about our square dancing the last couple of weeks for Sunday and Monday due to my internet connection has not been strong enough to get on and blog! The perils of living in the country with a satellite internet!

The Casselberry Hoedowners have had great turnouts for the Sunday afternoon dances over the last two weeks with 5 squares in attendance. The dancers have had a great time enjoying each other’s company.

Rod and I attended the Sunday dance for the last week in November, Gene and Rod both kept us all doing plenty of pass-thru , trade -bys and promenades. Dick Nordine called some great waltzes and two steps including Mission Bell Waltz for some of his newer students who are coming along beautifully. Thanks goes out to all of the member that came in early to set up the hall for the dance; Tim, Julia, Lisa, Ron, Annette, Eileen, Buzz and everyone else that I may have forgotten. We thank you all for your great work.

I got to meet one of my blog follower’s ; Beverly from Massachusetts who was down here in Florida visiting with her mom Eileen Charest. Beverly is also a round dance cuer and we had the pleasure of dancing to her as well.

Rod and I missed last Sunday’s dance as I had some quilting projects here at home I have been working on that need to get done before Christmas! Gene did call and give Rod and update about the dance and Norma sent us the newsletter that there were five squares in attendance and four squares dancing thru the afternoon. Great day, sorry we missed it.

Everyone is getting excited about the Christmas dinner that the Hoedowners will be having on December 18th, so I hope to see you all there. Maybe Santa will come early.

Well wishes go out to Dawn, Rita D, Willard and anyone else out there that is not feeling up to par!

The Deland Honeybees have had great turnouts with their dances the last two weeks with three squares dancing the night away. Gene played some Christmas Jingles and Jerry has been teaching new line dances to Silver Bells and Rock and Roll Waltz, which are easy enough for my two left feet to dance so I know everyone else has to be pros! Rod called a couple of tips and worked on some new hash moves and one of his newer songs to CC Rider.

The Deland Honeybees will be having their Christmas Dinner Dance on Monday December 19 at 6:00 pm and dance following. Hope to see you there.


Rod and I want to thank each and every dancer that has come out to, The Pioneer Art Settlement in Barberville to support The Wrangler Country Squares. We had 14 dancers  on Friday night when you count me , so the dancers were able to take turns with dancing and eating homemade Vegetable Beef Soup. This Friday will be a dance with collection for Toys for Tots and the menu for dinner is Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Next Friday will be dancing with collection of canned goods for The Food Bank and the menu will be Minestrone Soup. We are having our Christmas Dance on December 23rd and we will be having a “Cookie Exchange” so bring your homemade cookies to swap and fill the containers I will provide. The menu for our Christmas dance will be baked Ziti.  We are also dancing on December 30th for the year-end dance so we will say good-bye to Father Time and welcome in Baby New Year! The menu will be Homemade Chili.

So if you are hungry on a Friday night and not sure where you want to go eat, come on out and visit us at the Pioneer Art Settlement for dinner and dancing. 😉

Until I see you in a square,round or line sending you all a big YELLOWROCK!!

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