Two Thanksgiving Dinners, Square Dances and Tired Feet

Yellowrock Country Girl- pic by Michael Craft

Wow, did we have a great time at the last three square dances! On Friday night we had our second dance at the Wrangler Country Squares in Barberville at the Pioneer Art Settlement. We had a full square of dancers including Gene and Marty McCullough , Jerry and Margaret Baron, Loren and Iva , John and Sue Linart along with their two grand daughters , Lill Comee, Herman Thornburg and surprise drop-in from Larry and Lori Ford.

We started early as there were no students and danced plenty of square dances with Rod , Larry and Gene calling various tips thru the evening. Jerry taught some line dances and Rod also played some round dance records. 
Herman won the 50/50 drawing and gave the winning to John and Sue’s grand daughters. he also won the door prizes which were Poinsettia which the girls were happy to be taking home as well.
We have decided not to have a dance this Friday with everyone getting busy with shopping and decorating after the big Thanksgiving dinner coming up on Thursday.
The Wrangler Country Squares will be dancing again on Friday December 2nd starting at 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Rod and I want to thank everyone who came out to support us as we will continue to try to get some new students into the club as well. Once we get some new students, the classes will begin before the main club dancers come in at 7:30 pm.
Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday afternoon at the Casseleberry Hoedowners was a great success, with more food than you can shake a roll of saran wrap at! Tim and Julia did a great job cooking the turkeys, they are  such great cooks. We had the pleasure of Eleanore Weston being present for the dinner as her husband Willard is recuperating at the rehab center and thanks goes out to Jack Frye of Whirl and Twirl for escorting her to the dinner.
It was great to see Carolyn and Jean Grey and their mother Marjorie back again. Michael and Alice Craft were here for the dinner and dancing and Michael took some great pictures and group pictures of all of us after we ate our fill of the dinner. Luangel,Brantley and Bailey arrived after dinner which was a great surprise as well. Prayers and well wishes are going out to Rita D who is doing better, but not quite up to par for dancing yet. Dawn T fell and broke two pelvic bones while ushering and she is in Florida Hospital South. We also got word that Terry Louder has fallen several times. It was great to see Eileen back, though the flu she had is still trying to hang on and I hope she will be feeling better as well .
Please be sure to check out the photos at  Thank you Michael for all you work with taking such great pictures.
We had over 5 squares of dancers thru the afternoon even with all of that food! Rod and Gene called some great tips to help us burn off those extra calories. Norma taught the dancers the diamond waltz line dance and also did Ragtime Boogie. Dick called some beautiful round dances that I did not completely mess up!
Patty won the 50/50 and Ronnie won the cry baby dollar. Thanks to each and every person who helped set up the tables and food for the big meal and also helping to break everything down.
We finished our dance at the Hoedowners at 4:00 pm and then headed the dancers on over to Brendon Squares in Geneva for our banner raid.
Rod and I want to thank all the dancers that went with us to the Brendon Squares for the banner raid. We had 18 dancers that followed us out to Geneva. We made good time and the dancers arrived between 4:30 and 4:50 pm . It was an exciting dance for the Brendon Squares as they had some of the newly graduated dancers from the Friday night class in attendance. There were plenty of callers in attendance; Don Whitaker, Whit Brown, Gene McCullough, John Saunders and Rod Barngrover! 
There were dancers everywhere with 7 squares dancing thru the afternoon  and plenty of others watching from the sidelines. All of the callers kept us dancing and moving to some great music and helped work up everyone’s appetite for their Thanksgiving dinner which was the second Thanksgiving dinner for the Hoedowners! The ladies at Brendon Squares cooked up a great turkey and ham dinner and there was definitely plenty of homemade side dishes.
We left the dance hall close to 7:30 pm, full from dinner and tired from a great day of dancing. I hope everyone that attended had a great time and thank you for your support for this banner raid.
Until we see you in a square,round or line sending everyone a “yellowrock” and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as I count my blessings for such great family and friends.
PS: Don’t forget the Wrangler Country Squares will be dancing on Friday December 2nd at the Pioneer Art Settlement.
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