Hoedowners – 27 years and Wrangler Country Squares – 1st dance

Yellowrock Country Girl- pic by Michael

We had a fantastic turnout for the Hoedowner’s 27th Anniversary. We had 5 squares dancing part of the afternoon.
Gene and Rod showed us a great time with the square dance hash and calls and Rod tried out his new song CC Rider that was a big hit for Elvis! Dick had us dancing to waltzes, polkas and rumbas! The line dancers danced to Restless Shuffle and also an Irish Dance. 
We also had a vistor from the north… gene and Marty’s granddaughter Erica. It was a pleasure meeting her. Tim Parker won the 50/50 and Norma G won the crybaby dollar. After the announcements which also included thanking everyone for setting up the hall for the dance and getting the anniversary cake ready. It was delicious. 
Michael and Alice were here again and Michael was taking pictures of everyone, so be sure to check out all the great pics he took over at www.hoedowners.net
It was also great to see Ron and Annette back as well as Buzz who has been out with the flu. I hope Eileen and Rita are recuperating as well and we sure do miss them. 
Don’t forget we have our Thanksgiving Dinner planned for the next Sunday and we need to have the food at the hall at 12:30 pm so we can get everything set-up to eat at 12:45 pm after the blessing. I know we will have a great dinner with all the great cooks we have. After the dinner will we be dancing until 4:00 pm and then all the dancers that signed up for the banner raid will head out to Brendon Squares over in Geneva. They will have their Thanksgiving dinner as well, though I know most of us will be full and just there to dance off everything we ate earlier! 
Rod and Gene closed out the day with a duet to “Dream Lovers” .  
Wrangler Country Squares – Grand Opening  
Rod and I had our grand opening dance for the Wrangler Country Squares in Barberville at the Pioneer Art Settlement on Friday night. We had a good turn-out of 2 squares plus 1 student and also Roland and Linda Morin. I think we had a great turn-out considering the rodeo was in town up in Pierson  as well as the Hunter’s BBQ in Astor for the opening of hunting season along with the last weekend of the Volusia County Fair and Veterans Day!
  Jerry Baron taught us some line dances and Rod worked us through some various calls and when Roland arrived Rod and Roland called some tips together and Roland and Linda helped us start our new club with lots of fanfare. 
I handed out bandanas to the guys,as no self-respecting wrangling cowboy should be without his bandana, to keep the dust from his face as he wrangles the women around the square dance!
Herman was the first winner for our 50/50 of $9 which he graciously put back in the kitty for the club coffers. He also won the first door prize which was a white Christmas cactus that he gave to one of the ladies and Lill Comee won the other Christmas cactus which was bright red. We had lots of treats and it was cool during the evening so we drank lots of coffee!
I hope that we get to see even more dancers over the next few weeks as Rod & I get our boots dusty with our very own club.
We thank  each and every one of the dancers that drove from everywhere ; Dale E. from Orlando who was so great as my stand-in photographer and took our group photo from our first dance, the dancers from the Honeybees; Loren and Iva Warman, John and Sue Linart, Bob Hutchinson, Bruce and Saundra Higgins, Dave and Elizabeth Garrett, Lill Comee from the Starlight Promenaders , Joyce Holcomb, Herman Thornburg, Jerry and Margaret Baron also from the Honeybees , Tim and Julia Parker from The Hoedowners and  Roland and Linda Morin caller for the Starlight Promenaders as well as our friends Mary and Bob Caldwell from Deltona who are the reason we got back into square dancing a few years ago along with their friend Marie Youngken our new student, we hope to get more students to make a full class. We appreciate each and every one of you.  

Our First Dance- Thanks to all the dancers for supporting Rod.

 Michael Craft has also been busy setting up our website page over at www.squaredancesites.com/wrangler_country_squares for more pictures from our dance on Friday. I will put up pictures each week as we go along. I also know that Rod was so excited with the photos that he also had them posted on his Facebook page by Saturday morning.  
Rod and I are going to try and have a dinner theme for the dances so that everyone can have a light meal to nosh on durig the evening  and dance thru the night.
Our next dance is this Friday 11/18/2011 , we will be serving  “Chuck Wagon” chili dinner and I  will be serving homemade chili, cornbread and apple pie, along with the other refreshements that the dancers usually bring .  So bring your appetites for a fun night of dinner and dancing.
 If everyone is up to dancing the night after Thanksgiving which would be Friday 11/25/2011 and they are not too tired from shopping for the Black Friday sales we will plan on a dinner theme of ” Leftover Potluck” and everyone can bring Thanksgiving leftovers , I will update you after Friday when we take a vote from the dancers!
Until I see you in a square or round sending you all a big Yellowrock and Yeehaa!
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