Halloween Spooks Dancing Everywhere!

Well, the ghosts, ghouls and goblins were out in force square dancing at the Central Florida Association Fifth Saturday Dance in Debary on Saturday night.  The folks did a great job decorating the hall for the dance.

All decorated for Halloween

We all had a great time with  Spy and Spy , Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Wonder Woman, The Wizards, a Pirate, a couple of Hershey Bars, Cleopatra, some clowns, a house wife in curlers and other goblins in the mix. We had around 9 squares total of dancers with 6 and 7 squares dancing at a time.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone Arrive

The Most Beautiful Cleopatra

Can you Guys Who This Is? Spy and Spy

The Circus Clowns are here!

The Central Florida Association also had their induction of officers and recognition of the past presidents over the years as well as inducting a long-standing couple into the Square Dance Hall of Fame! Sorry, I do not have the couples name, I was busy taking pictures instead of notes. 😦  

Central Florida Assoc. Officers

The dancers had a great time and lots of treats to keep them refreshed and dancing.

Housewife in curlers

Dick Nordine cued some great Halloween dances and the callers , Bill Boyd, Bob Stern, Roland Morin, Don Whitaker and Rod Barngrover provided all the dancers with some great square dance has and square dance music thru the night.

Roland Morin,Dick Nordine,Bob Stern, Bill Boyd,Rod Barngrover and Don Whitaker

Ahoy there Skally Wag Pirate

The Wizards

Weave the Ring

Wonder Woman and her Super Hero

Deciding if it is safe to get out on the dance floor!

I'm calling Ghost Busters.

Let's do the Monster Mash

A great thanks to the Central Florida Association for putting on a great dance and for all the talented callers and cuer. The dancers had a great time as did all the goblins and at the witching hour of 9:30 pm they all faded into the cool dark night. BOO!

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