Halloween at the Casselberry Hoedowners

Yellowrock Country Girl pic by Michael

We had a great dance Halloween Dance at the Hoedowners on Sunday. Tim,Eddie, Lisa, Martha, Julia and Marty did a great job decorating the hall.
This was also our Torture Caller dance for all the wanna-be callers.  Michael Craft, John Price and Julia Parker were the brave souls who conquered the microphone and had the three squares of dancers really twisting and turning. A bunch of applause to those three for being brave enough to get up to the microphone. 
Jim and Terry Louder surprised us with a visit to see the torture callers, and it sure was good to see them again. Buzz and Eileen are both under the weather and had to miss the dance. Rite D was not quite up to par and we hope to see her next week. We got news that the surgery went well for Willard and thanks to everyone for their prayers. I also hope that Norma Newton is feeling better as she has lost her voice and was a bit under the weather as well. It’s about that time of year when everyone needs to get those pots of chicken noodle soup going! : )   
Dick Nordine did some great Halloween music including  a two-step to Monster Mash. Jerry Baron taught the dancers a line dance to Monster Mash and Nany King taught the dancers a new line dance to Ghost Busters! Rod and Gene both filled in with more hash and singing calls when the wanna-be’s were not torturing us!

Michael Craft - Torture caller


John and Margaret taking a break


Dick Nordine, Dick and Pat


Jerry Baron

Some long missed faces also arrived from the north including Gib Denny and Joyce Guyett, Martha Fallucca and Dick and Pat drove straight from Kentucky to the dance. It’s great to have you all back and  extra thanks for bringing some of the cool fall weather back with you!
The refreshment table was full of yummy treats including pumpkin pie , donuts of all kinds and we had coffee, punch and apple cider to wash everything down. Michael Craft was busy taking photos of the dancers and activities thru the afternoon and he now has the pictures up at www.hoedowners.net
Rod & I have scheduled a banner raid to the Brendon Squares  in Geneva Florida, November 20th to get our banner back that they have had for a long time. After we eat Thanksgiving dinner and dance we will hopefully have a few cars to car pool on over there and raid those folks over in Geneva. This way we can eat, dance,  burn off the calories and then go to Brendon Squares and maybe eat some more! : )
Next week is our Club Colors dance of blue and white , remember for Veterans Day. Remember we have Daylight Saving Time so you clocks fall back Saturday night, so we finally get that hour back we lost in the spring.
Other square dance news: Rod and I went to the dance over at the Deland Honeybees on Monday night. We had a great time dancing to more Halloween themed dances. Jerry Baron was able to teach the dancers the Monster Mash, I really liked the line dance.  Rod and Gene took turns calling and I tried to dance the man’s part during Rod’s calling, but I had a hard time remembering that I was a guy instead of a girl, so you can imagine the laughter I caused on that one! We had a total of 2 squares dancing. Herman is back from his long summer visit from the north  and took over the reins as president and made announcements. Well wishes go out to Loren who had some surgery and the doctor said he had to wait another week before he and Iva could join us again.
Herman also helped announce the Grand Opening Dance for the Wrangler Country Squares on Friday, November 11, 2011 at the Pioneer Art Settlement that Rod and I have started. The new students will get their first dance lesson free and the regular dance is $5.00 per person. We had some folks asking about parking and entrance into the Pioneer Settlement. There is plenty of parking and there is no admission fee into the Pioneer Art Settlement after 5:00pm as they are closed and the only ones there , will be all of us dancers! So I hope you can all attend our dances whenever you are free on a Friday night. We are going to have a great time every Friday night.
Until next time I see you all, here’s a yellowrock from me to you!
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