Square Dance at Casselberry Hoedowners

Yellowrock Country Girl – pic by Michael Craft

Rod and I have not been square dancing the last few weeks with work , a family wedding and then I hurt my back so I have had to take it easy. ; (

We finally got to go to Casselberry Hoedowners and see how everyone has been doing after nearly three weeks, wow how time flies.
We had a great turnout with four squares dancing for part of the afternoon. The new students are coming along and thanks goes out to all of the “angels” that are helping them along.
Gene worked us thru some great moves. Rod called a hash tip and a new singing call to ” She’s got a Ticket to Ride” by the Beatles! Dick Nordine had us moving and swaying around the floor with 2-step cha-chas and waltzes.
We are glad to have Jerry and Marlene Cagney back from the north. Bob Hutchinson from Pierson and the Deland Honeybees won the 50/50 and Howard won the crybaby dollar!
Good news , Rita D is in good spirits and is now back home and sent word that she would be at the Hoedowners Halloween dance on Sunday. She won’t be dancing but she will be there to cheer on all the dancers.
 Thanks goes out to all those folks that helped set up the hall for the dance, Lisa,Eileen, Buzz, Martha, Tim and anyone else that I may have missed. Before I forget , Welcome to Joanna Campanelli who is our newest member to the Casseleberry Hoedowners.
We all need to keep Willard Weston in our thoughts and prayers as he goes in for surgery Friday afternoon.
Rod and Gene finished a great dance sharing the last tip for the dancers before they all headed out to Cracker Barrel to eat supper.
Don’t forget that Sunday is our Halloween Dance and Torture caller dance, so all those caller wanna-bees can trick us up on the dance floor. I hear Norma Newton is going to call !!!? : )
Other news on the square dance front:
The Pirates Square Dance Club is having their final square dance on Monday October 31 at the Metro Church in Orlando. They are having a pot luck supper and dancing starts at 8:00 pm. For all of you folks down in that area, please go wish them a grand final sailing after such a memorable history of square daning in Central Florida.
The Central Florida Callers 5th Saturday Dance will be held at the Starlight Promenaders dance hall in Debary on October 29th at . This is also their Halloween Dance, so if you want to dress up in costume you can, though it is not mandatory. Early rounds with Dick Nordine starts at 7:00 pm and square dancing starts at 7:30 pm. The CFA callers will be taking turns calling to all of the dancers.
Rod and I are sending out special thank-you’s to the dancers that have helped him with the demo dances for the Alzheimer’s patients at the Eastbrooke Center in Casselberry. The first dance Rod did for them last month was assisted by the talented dancers; Norma,Wayne, Michael,Alice, Buzz,Eileen, Florence and Grant. This week the talented dancers that assisted with the Alzheimer’s patients were, Wayne,Norma,Buzz,Eileen, Tommi, Florence and  John Price along with a ghost dancer  who was even present dancing in their square even though you could not see her!!!  So fitting for a Halloween dance. The patients had a wonderful time and always enjoy the dancers. Thanks to all of you for helping Rod give these folks a great time.  I hear that everyone went to Steak and Shake afterwards for ice cream!
There is a new square dance opening up next month, are you ready!? Rod and I are starting our own club up here in Volusia County. We have named the club the “Wrangler Country Squares” and we will be dancing every Friday night from 7:00 pm to 9:45 pm at the historic Barberville Pioneer Art Settlement. I have been busy getting things ready for the grand opening dance on Friday November 11,2011 which is Veterans Day. Michael Craft has been hard at work getting our website set-up for the Wrangler Country Squares as well and I can’t wait to get photos of our dances on the website and get the dance schedule planned so all you dancers can get you cowboy hats on and come on up for a visit! I will keep you updated as things progress.
Until next time I see you in a round or square here’s a “yellowrock” ! 🙂
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