Square Dance Updates and a 50th Anniversary

Yellowrock Country Girl – pic by Michael Craft

Apologies out there to all of the square dancers who look forward to the dancing updates every week. I have been busy in the computer, but with work instead of the fun stuff which includes my blogging to everyone.

We had a great dance last Sunday at the Casselberry  Hoedowners. We had four squares dancing thru the afternoon and the new students are doing great. Thanks goes out to all of the angels that come out to help them learn all the fun we have.
Gene presented Joanna Campbell, Carolyn Gray and Jean Gray with graduation diplomas for finishing their main stream lessons. A big yellowrock to those three ladies for hanging in there.
We wished Marty , Wayne  and Julia a Happy Birthday. We have three anniversaries this month as well  for Tim and Julia, John and Judy and Rod and I .
Rita D was in the Longwood Healthcare having some tests done and we wish her well and can’t wait to have her back round dancing.It was great to see Michael and Alice Craft and theyeven brought along Bailey- who is she getting tall! Michael took some great pics that he posted at www.hoedowners.net
Rod and Gene called some great tips and Dick had us whirling and twirling with the round dancing. Rod also reminded everyone about the raid to Granada Squares on Tuesday night. Thanks to all the dancers who came in early to set up the hall, you are appreciated by each and every one of us.
Monday night Rod and Gene called at the Honeybees over in Deland, I had to miss the dance as I was working. I hear they had two squares dancing thru the night which was a fair turnout since most of the club members have not returned from the north . Jerry Baron has been teaching the dancers some new line dances as well and seems to behaving a great time.
Well, as you know I had to work and missed the raid with the Casselberry Hoedowners headed to the Granada Squares to get our banner back. Rod said we had two full squares of dancers from the Casselberry Hoedowners! Thanks so much dancers for the great turnout. I hear they had a total of 6 squares dancing thru the night and everyone had a great time. Thanks Granada Squares for showing our dancers a great time I wish I had been there.
I did finally get caught up on work and was able to attend the 50th Anniversary dance for Bill and Joann Boyd over in Ocoee at the Garden Patch Squares on Thursday night. What a great dance and surprise as the club had the Mayor of Ocoee come in and he performed the wedding ceremony for Bill and Joann Boyd to renew their wedding vows after 50 years of marriage. Wow, congratulations to a great couple. They had 5 squares in attendance to honor them with such a fantastic milestone. They even had folks all the way from Jacksonville. Jim and Terry Louder were in attendance and while I visieted with Terry , I learned that Jim and Terry have been married 60 years. Congratulations to another fantastic couple who has done so much for the square dancing community.
I am attaching a slide show of the events to my blog for all to enjoy even if you were not there. Just click on the picture of the flowers which was Joann’s bouquet that you see below to view the slideshow.  It was great to see so many friends that I have not seen in a long while. Before I forget, the slideshow takes a minute or so to load and open with all the pics and music but hope everyone enjoys. Don’t forget to turn up your speakers for the sound. Until next time sending every one a yellowrock!
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One Response to Square Dance Updates and a 50th Anniversary

  1. Barbara Morley says:

    What a great presentation! I loved the smilebox slide show-did not expect to get to see
    all the pictures of the 50th. Awesome what you do with the computer!!!

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