Boot Blocks Update

Well I am really enjoying the boot blocks  for the block of the month boots designed by Molly of Molly’s Place. I have the first six months done and already have July,August and September blocks cut out and I just have to finish all the hand stitching.


Jan. Boot Block -yrcg

Feb. Boot Block - yrcg

March Boot Block - yrcg

April Boot Block - yrcg

May Boot Block - yrcg

June Boot Block-yrcg

These are the blocks for July , August and September ready for the hand stitching.

July Boot Block- ready for stitching-yrcg

August Boot Block ready for stitching - yrcg

Sept. Boot Block ready for stitching-yrcg

I am really amazed at Molly’s talent with each boot design being so unique and then using our own fabrics from our fabric stashes and stitching makes each block an exciting adventure and I am looking forward to seeing the boots for the last of the year and how they may include the holidays in their designs.

To all the quilters and crafters out there, sending you a yellowrock!

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