Casselberry Hoedowners and Heel and Toe

Yellowrock Country Girl-pic by Michael Craft

We had a great weekend square dancing starting with the Casselberry Hoedowners. John Saunders and his wife Linda Saunders are still holding down the fort while Gene and Marty McCullough are gone on vacation. We had a great turnout with three squares dancing for part of the afternoon.

Norma Newton had the line dancers dancing to “Country As Can Be” and Stroll Along cha-cha.
Dick Nordine cued some great rounds during the afternoon for the round dancers. John Saunders worked us out with “peel off” moves from the workshop early in the day.
Lili-Ann and Jim Gallagher from the Heel and Toe square dance club arrived with a surprise visitor with them. Jerry Jestin the national square dance caller was in town and calling at Heel and Toe down in St Cloud later on in the evening.
Rod called a hash tip and singing call to “Boogie Shoes” which always gets everyone moving.
It was great to see Michael and Alice Craft again and Michael was taking photos during the day of all of the fun. You can check out all the square dance photos at
Martha made announcements and reminded everyone that next week we go back to regular square dance attire and next week is a 50’s Theme Dance, so pull out all the poodle skirts, bobbie socks and guys get that hair slicked back like James Dean!
As always we thank each and every one of you dancers who arrive early to set up the dance hall, including Tim, Julia, Lisa, Rita,Martha and Buzz. The 50/50 drawing was won by Buzz and Wayne got the crybaby dollar. Please don’t forget about Miss Kitty for donations word is out that she is hungry! If you could please send out a birthday card to Willard who was a long time square dancer who is now pretty much home bound, he is getting ready to celebrate his 90th birthday on September 28th! They are trying to give him  a birthday card shower with lots of cards arriving in the mail. What a great idea. Mail those cards out to Mr Willard Weston, 1420 Lyndale Blvd.,Maitland, FL 32751.
Rod and I will be setting out the sign-up book for a banner raid we have scheduled for October 4th to the Granada Squares to go get our banner back. If you need a ride, let us know as we are trying to get car pool setup.
Thanks again to John and Linda Saunders for giving us some great dancing while Gene and Marty were gone and we can’t wait to see you on October 4th to get our banner back! 
After Rod and I left the Casselberry Hoedowners we headed on down to St Cloud, Florida to square dance to Jerry Jestin that we had met earlier. Wow, what a great caller and cuer. They had two plus squares dancing thru the evening and he sure made us keep our thinking caps on. We loved the music he called and cued to which was a lot of county music and  we even round danced to Mel Tillis! At one point later in the evening he even called one square with six couples while the other square had four couples at the same time, even he learned a few things on that one! I actually won the gift basket that was given out after the 50/50 and the basket has all the fixin’s for a pancake breakfast including the pan, wooden spoons and maple syrup!
If you ever get a chance to dance to Jerry Jestin you won’t be disappointed, although after he left Florida he was headed for a short trip back to his home state of Texas, before heading out to Canada and Europe to call to all the square dancers there!
We had a great time with all of the dancers down at the Heel and Toe square dance club and it was worth the late night two-hour drive home.
Rod opened up for the Honeybees of Deland square dance club for the fall/winter season as they are starting to return from their summer vacations and homes from the north. It was great to see 2 full squares of dancers during the evening and Rod had them dancing and smiling all night. Jerry Baron taught a few line dances to the dancers as well and Rod played a couple of round dancers from the records. Jerry and Margaret Baron are just beginning to learn round dancing and they even danced with us to “Tips of My Fingers” and “Mission Bells” waltz.
Rod and I had a great time opening the season for the Honeybees square dance club and I know they are all looking forward to Gene and Marty McCullough returning for another successful winter of square dancing.
My feet were tired after all the dancing over the weekend but it was well worth it with all of the great callers, cuers and dancers out there that I had the pleasure of being in a square or round. Until Sunday I hope everyone has a great week and sending you a “yellowrock” from me to you. Now, I have to try to find my poodle skirt and bobbie socks! 😉
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