Countryside Cottage Quilt-It’s Finally Done!

Back in April and again in May I had shown some peeks at the quilt that I have been working on here and there since 2004. Wow, does time fly when you are having fun!

The Countryside Cottage Quilt on our Log bed

 I am so happy that this queen size quilt is done. The hand quilting definitely took a long time, but I really like the feel of hand quilted quilts I think they are so soft and cuddly and the backing is in flannel which makes it even more cuddly. Yes, there were lots of times when I thought I would never get the quilt completed. This past week I only had two squares left on one corner and then binding the quilt so I worked thru the weekend and it’s finally done. Sorry to all the square dancers we missed on Sunday and my guys here had to sacrifice their typical home cooked meal for sub sandwiches! I can finally do a happy dance that this project is done and with the help of all my blogging friends I was able to keep on pace and keep on quilting until the job was done!  

Front View of Quilt

The back view of quilt

I was so excited that the big quilt was done that I opened up the quilt box with the pieced tops that are still waiting for me and the one on top was an “Amish-Style” 9 patch block in real bright colors with black sashings. This one is a lap quilt for my couch. I have some really pretty multi-color thread that I am using for the stitching.

Amish Nine Patch - Started Quilting !!

This one is being machine stitched with a wavy stitch and the backing is multi-color cacti. I was going along fine and over 3/4 done, but now at a stand still as my full spool of thread ran out and now I get to make a trip to the fabric store for more thread! Who doesn’t like trips to the fabric store!? 😉

Well that’s the update for quilting today, when the Amish quilt is done the next one is a log cabin block quilt. I’ll let you know what I find at the fabric store! 😉 Until next time sending all you crafters a “yellowrock”.

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7 Responses to Countryside Cottage Quilt-It’s Finally Done!

  1. Saundra Higgins says:

    your quilt is beautiful ! I have been working on my crazy quilt for years I wish I had half your energy !

    • Hi Saundra, I carry to blocks in the car while Rod is driving, keeps me from using the brake on my side of the car, the other drivers out there texting while driving scare me to death!! I’m just glad to get that quilt finally done!

  2. Val Turner says:

    Hello from a UK quilter who shares your love of this quilt. I bought most of the monthly blocks and the setting kit for Countryside Cottage during the time I lived in the US in Maryland (2005 – 2008) I have made up most of the quilt but sadly I couldn;t get hold of month 12 – the centrepiece cottage. I bought 2 setting kits thinking that I would use the extra fabric to improvise and do the cottage freestyle. But now I’ve got to that point I’ve lost confidence. I realise this is a big ask but I wondered if by any chance you might still have the instructions that came with month 12 which gives the measurements of the pieces needed for the cottage and the construction details. If there is any possibility that you have and could send me a copy of the important bits I would be so very grateful. I have emailed with the same request but haven;t been able to get a reply from them Any help or info you could provide would be much appreciated.
    Thank you for reading this

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