End of the Summer Labor Day Shindig

Howdy everyone this is Yellowrock Country Girl reporting to you about the great dance we had yesterday.  Wow, did we ever have a great dance yesterday for the “End of the Summer Labor Day Shindig” in Deland, Florida on September 5, 2011 for Labor Day.

I tried to take as many pictures as I could while also working in the kitchen with the other TAW’s; Linda Saunders, Marty McCullough and Linda Morin so that everyone who was there as well as those who had other plans and could not attend can enjoy all the fun we had.

The very talented callers; John Saunders, Gene McCullough,Roland Morin, Rod Barngrover and our great cuer Dick Nordine gave the dancers a fantastic dance with the dancers dancing for three hours. They started the day before the dancers got there setting up their equipment and testing and helping us ladies set up the tables and chairs.

Testing, Testing

We had a great turnout of nearly 13 squares of dancers for the afternoon. The dancers came from all over Central Florida including the Space Trackers down in Merritt Island , Garden Patch Squares in Ocoee, Casselberry Hoedowners, Starlight Promenaders of Debary, Dixie Squares of Daytona, Ormond Squares of Ormond Beach, Honeybees of Deland, Bren Don Squares of Geneva and Grand Squares of Jacksonville. 

Did you say $100 in 50/50 tickets!

We TAW’s did our best to keep the finger food table filled with chips and fruit as well as coffee and punch to keep the dancers energized, boy were they a hungry crowd! We kept them going until all the pizzas arrived and then scooped out ice cream sundaes for them to top with their favorite toppings as they finished the day of dancing.

Linda Saunders making more punch

We had a surprise ambush by the Jacksonville Grand Squares dancers as they came dressed in their wild west outfits, bandanas and guns a blazen! They have a dance coming up on November 18-19 in Jacksonville that is being sponsored by the Northeast Florida area of Square and Round Dancers Association with the theme being “Wild West”.

We're being ambushed. Call the sheriif!

Who are those masked cowboys?

More Bandits!

The bandits are surrounding Linda

Linda Morin pleading- Don't Shoot Me!

Bill and Joann Boyd and Roland and Linda Morin had a square for those wanting to get their “purple heart” dangles which is always fun for the newer and experienced dancers to dance with the callers.

Purple Heart Square

We had dancers of all ages as you see here the youngest being the square dancers of the future !

Young Cowboy taking a drink before getting back on the dance floor


We can do what they are doing!


Dick and Lisa Wall - should we cue a Phase 5?

Round dancers at the ready

Remember, this is our favorite dance.

Rod & Gene

Dancers taking a rest

Dancers ready for more dancing

Promenade Home!

Bill and Joann Boyd, Wayne Kuron

Rod calling to dancers

Square Dancers pass thru,trade-by...

George and Sabine - We're resting so we can dance the next round.


We get to rest while the round dancers are up.

Thanks John, Gene,Dick, Roland and Rod for such a great dance and thanks to all of the dancers for the wonderful turnout.

Roand Morin,Gene McCullough,Dick Nordine,John Saunders and Rod Barngrover

Until next time I see you in a square or round here’s a “yellowrock” from me to you! Yellowrock Country Girl.

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One Response to End of the Summer Labor Day Shindig

  1. My name is Frank Anderson
    I own The Ballroom on Nova Road, Ormond Beach,FL
    I would like to have Square Dancing in my Dance Hall
    Please send me a contact Name & phone #.

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