Casselberry Hoedowners – Sept. 4, 2011

Yellowrock Country Girl- pic by Michael Craft

Well, we had a great dance on Sunday at the Casselberry Hoedowners. Rod and I got to the dance earlier than usual so I was even able to do a line dance with Norma Newton and all the talented line dancers. I started with one, but my two left feet were really giving me a hard time so I snuck out for part of the dance! The second line dance was a new dance routine that I actually got the first time! Thanks Norma, I really do like the line dances.

We had a great turnout with 3 squares dancing most of the afternoon. Thanks always goes out to everyone that set up the dance hall and kitchen, including Lisa, Annette,Ronnie, Mary O, Martha and Rita.
Gene and Rod both worked us thru some great square dance moves and tested us with their new hash moves as they continue to get us to listen and not anticipate what they will call next.
A real welcome goes out to Howard and Clara and Jerry and Margaret who are safely back from their vacations.
Dick Nordine cued some great round dances with “Axle” being a new favorite of mine , I just have to keep asking for that one until I get the dance moves down. Dick always cues some nice cha-chas and waltzes.
We all gave Margaret Baron ” Happy Birthday” yellowrocks as she is the only person with a birthday this month.
The Casselberry Hoedowners will have the very talented John Saunders and his lovely wife Linda Saunders as our  guest caller for the next two weeks as Marty and Gene head out for their trip to Nova Scotia. Happy Sailing!
Rod will be calling for the Fun Bunch in Deland on Monday 9/12/2011 and will call for the Deland Honeybees on September 19th when they start their club back up after the long summer. We hope to see you all there.
Until next time I see you in a square or round sending you a “yellowrock.!”
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