We’ve been busy Square Dancing !

Yellow Rock Country Girl- pic by Michael Craft

Wow, does time fly when you are having fun! My last post on our dancing was last Sunday and here it is Tuesday 9 days later!

We had a great dance on Monday Aug. 15th with the Fun Bunch workshop. We had two full squares of dancers and we danced all night long. Rod and Gene did some great duo’s together. After we burned off all those calories we went to Wendy’s for a quick snack of french fries and Frostees.
This past Sunday on the 21st first we had a great dance at the Casselberry Hoedowners. Most of the dancers were decked out in their “Crazy T-Shirts” . Rod and I do not have any crazy t-shirts around, so we dressed in our normal square dance attire. I really liked Ronnie’s Alaska t-shirt that described the Alaska weather!
We had a total of three squares dancing thru the afternoon, thank you dancers for the support in coming out to dance, without you we would not have a club to dance at.
Dick Nordine called two rounds that I really liked and have to try to remember for requests. The first was a two-step to the tune of ” Trashy Women” and the other was a pretty waltz to the tune of “Dreaming”. I know there were other dances, but those were the two I liked the most for the day.
Norma did a great job getting the dancers up for the line dances, that we always seem to miss. Sorry about that Norma, I love them when we are there!
I great big thank you goes out to Tim who came in early to turn on the AC so it would be nice and cool before everyone got to the dance. Rita,Martha,Lisa,Buzz,Ronnie,Annette, Tim, Julia, Mary O and Buzz the club dances would not be the same without all the work you folks do to set up for the dance and break everything down at the end. Thank you!
Rod and Gene took turns calling different tips thru the afternoon helping us burn off as many calories as we could because at 4 o’clock Pizza Hut arrived with PIZZA! We had every kind of pizza you could think of and it was so good.
Rod and I headed on over to Brendon Squares in Geneva after eating pizza to dance to Don Whitaker. We arrived after their first tip was finished. With our arrival they had two full squares that were able to dance thru the rest of the afternoon. Don Whitaker had some great moves going with hinges, walk and dodges.
Rod called a tip for the dancers, that really had them  moving! Don and Rod even did a duo together. Sorry the tunes were really starting to run together by this time in the afternoon and it is hard to remember them all.
Rod did remind the Brendon Squares and the Casselberry Hoedowners that we still have tickets for the Labor Day dance in Deland. So, if you haven’t got your tickets yet you can see Rod or John Saunders, Gene McCullough, Roland Morin or Dick Nordine for tickets at the discounted price.
Last night Rod had to go to the Fun Bunch workshop by himself as I had to get some appraisal work done by this morning. Gene and Marty already had everything setup by the time he arrived. Rod let me know that they had one full square of dancers that came out. Thank you dancers for coming each week, we need each and everyone of you. Rod and Gene really appreciate the support the dancers give by coming out to dance at the summer workshop, which they have done thru the summer to keep the dancers that are around a place to dance while the main clubs have been closed for the summer.
I know it’s now Tuesday and I still have more dancing news. The exciting dance for today was a demo dance that Rod held for the Eastbrook Gardens Alzheimers Care Center in Casselberry. I am sorry to say that I had to miss the dance because of work that  just seems to get in the way of all the fun!
Rod and I want to send out a super special thank you to the dancers that came out for the afternoon to help Rod bring some joy to the patients at Eastbrook Gardens Alzheimers Care Center ; Norma and Wayne Newton, Alice and Michael Craft, Eileen Charest, Buzz Unger, Florence Maestre and Grant Dorland. Thank you so much for coming to Rod’s rescue for this demo and Theresa Segers the director also sends her thanks for helping to put smiles on the patients faces. Thank you each and every one of you. I sure wish I had been there, as it sounds like you all had a great time and Rod said I missed a great chocolate shake at Steak and Shake afterwards!
Extra News Alert :  Dick Nordine started round dance lessons tonight  and every Tuesday night at 6:00 pm over at Granada Squares in Ormond Beach for all you folks that want to learn the waltz, cha-cha,rumbas, two-steps and polkas. He is the best teacher because if he can teach me and my two left feet he can teach anybody! I hope you will all support him with a big class. The Granada Squares have their regular square dance after the round dance lessons.
Well, that’s it until the next dance. Until I see you in a square or round sending you all a “yellowrock”
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