Granada Squares Invade Casselberry

An alert was sent out yesterday as Casselberry was being invaded by dancers dressed in red and black carrying sombreros and maracas while playing mariachi music.

The Casselberry Hoedowners were ready with their weapons of choice of high calorie treats including brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Frito candy, crackers, fresh fruit, cheese and salami, a large birthday cake and ice cream. These treats were used to calm the Granada Squares into dancing so we would not be forced into a limbo contest to see how low we could go! My knees and back would not have went to far!  

We had a great dance with 6 squares dancing thru the afternoon. The Granada Squares brought 25 great dancers with them including their great caller John Saunders and his very talented TAW Linda Saunders.  John Saunders even called a great couple of tips for us to dance to.

Gene called some great tips and singing calls thru the afternoon for all the dancers and continued to keep everyone dancing to some great moves. Gene was also spotted dancing in a square while John Saunders was calling a tip. John Saunders was spotted dancing in a square while Gene was calling.

After everyone arrived we all sang Happy Birthday to Mary O who turned a very young 90 yesterday afternoon, the reason for the large birthday and ice cream.

 Tim and Julia are being sent an extra “yellowrock” for coming to the hall at 10 am to turn the AC on early so it would be cool enough for all the dancers. Thanks to Eileen, Buzz, Rita, Lisa, Martha, Gene,Marty, Tim and Julia for setting up everything for the great dance. Great job, we could not have the wonderful dancers we have each week.

Martha Fallucca won the 50/50 and John Price won the crybaby dollar!

Norma Newton taught the dancers some line dances before we got to the dance which always gets dancers up to do some boot, scoot and boogie.

Dick Nordine cued some great rounds including our favorite ” Last Cheaters Waltz”. 

 Rod called a hash tip and a singing call to ” Oh Lonesome Me” which had everyone out on the dance floor.

John reminded everyone to wear their crazy t-shirts next week and be ready to eat Pizza!

Michael and Alice Craft were back and it was great to see them both as we have really missed them. Michael was taking pictures of all of the action thru the day and he is such a great photographer and catches us at our best.  I can’t wait to see the photos of the dancers that he posts  at . Alice and Michael Craft have their own website for square dancing at

See my “blogroll” on the right hand side of my page for the various sites I visit which include square dancing as well sewing, cooking and all my other interests.

The Granada Squares left a bit early to get to the Brendon Squares dance over in Geneva for their second raid of the day as the dancers were working towards their “double hitter” dangles. We had a great time and thank all of the Granada Squares who came to our dance hall and helped us have a great dance and watch out as we will be back to Ormond to get our banner.

Dancers don’t forget to get your tickets for the Labor Day dance over in Deland. John Saunders, Gene McCullough, Roland Morin, Dick Nordine and Rod Barngrover all have tickets available. I hope to see you there and until next time I see you in a square or round here’s a “yellowrock”.

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