Square Dancing Fun – August 5 thru August 8

Yellowrock Country Girl- pic by Michael Craft

We took a short vacation up to Missouri and Kentucky to visit family and ever since we got back last Wednesday evening we have been running hard with work and square dancing.

Rod & I had the great pleasure of dancing with Norma and Wayne Newton and Martha Fallucca on Friday,  August 5th at the Avalon Church where the very talented caller Jim Louder was calling and teaching a large group of Japanese college students and their host families all the fun we have with square dancing.
It was a great experience dancing with the young people who were so energetic and their translator was fantastic at explaining what Jim was teaching . Jim was able to teach them the basics steps so they could dance an actual tip. Jim also taught them the Patty Cake Polka and the Virgina Reel dances, both of which I had never done but I really liked the dances.
Norma taught the students two line dances , the Electric Slide and the Macarana. The students definitely have more rhythm than I have!
Sunday afternoon Rod and I arrived at the Hoedowners dance at the usual time around 2:30 pm. We had a great turnout with 3 squares dancing thru the afternoon.  We missed the line dances that Norma had taught earlier but I hear that everyone had a great time learning  the Stroll Along Cha Cha to George Strait’s “I Just Want to Dance With You” and the Hully Gully to “Little Black Book” (an oldie).
Rod & Gene worked on various square dance patterns trying to keep all of us dancers listening instead of anticipating! Dick Nordine cued some great dances  thru the afternoon including one fast one called “Hot Lips” .
 We had a surprise visit from Jan and Dennis Shankle. Happy Anniversary to Sylvia and a Happy Birthday goes out to John Lotti and extra big Happy Birthday to Mary O whose birthday is this Sunday. She will 90 years young! The 50/50 drawing was exciting and I won $16 dollars and Wayne got the crybaby dollar.
John reminded everyone that we have a big raid set for next Sunday 8/14/2011 with the Dixie Squares coming for our banner and then they are headed over to Brendon Squares to get theirs as well. We also got news that Jerry and Margaret Baron are in Oregon and having a great time enjoying the scenery just not the mosquitos! Grant will be gone for a month as a world traveler to the Baltic region.
Rod called a new singing call he was practicing while we were on vacation, “Wave on Wave” and Gene called the last hash tip while Rod danced with Marty. Rod closed out the afternoon with “Your Man” and Gene took his place in the square.  
Monday night at the Fun Bunch workshop in Deland  we had two squares dancing all night long. Rod and Gene kept us dancing and worked on the circulate and hinge moves and well as chase right, teacup chain, load the boat, diamonds , follow your neighbor, spread and swing thru moves.
We danced to records for round dancing including “Pearly Shells” , “Tips of My Fingers” and “King of the Road”. Marty taught us the  line dance for the diamond waltz from lines to ” Last Cheaters Waltz”.
Rod and Gene are both reminding everyone to get their tickets for the End of the Summer Labor Day Shindig which will be on Monday Sept. 5th in Deland. We will be dancing from 2pm  to 5pm with a great line-up of callers including John Saunders, Gene McCullough, Roland Morin and Rod Barngrover and rounds will be cued by the very talented Dick Nordine. We will be having pizza and ice cream sundaes.
Tickets are available from the staff at a discount rate of $9 per person in advance or $10 per person at the door.
Well, until next time I see you in a square or round sending you a yellowrock!
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