Cowboy Boot Bash – A New Sewing Project

I found a great blog site with some great western style boot blocks over at Molly’s Place and if you like western style decor and sewing blocks one month at a time you should go on over to her site, she is a very talented lady and I just could not resist jumping into her “Boot Bash” even though I started 6 months behind. You will find her site on my blogroll.

I have cut out the first six months of boots and have started working on the actual hand stitching of each block. These are going together really quickly which I find pleasing so I don’t understand why I haven’t done more applique in the past, guess I am going to have to change my ways! I have printed out the July boot pattern and will wait for the August boot pattern before I go ahead and cut those out so you will see those boots on my next post as I get the stitching completed on these first six blocks. Here’s what I have  done so far for the blocks.

The January Boot Block - yrcg

Here’s my January boot with all the hand stitching completed.

The January Boot Completed - yrcg

The February Book Block - yrcg

The March Boot Block - yrcg

The April Book Block - yrcg


The May Boot Block - yrcg

Here’s the June Boot Block that Molly designed. I did add a larger flag than on her block design to go with the patriotic theme.

The June Boot Block - yrcg

That’s the first six blocks I have cut out. January is the only one that is completely stitched up and shown for this post. The others are still being stitched up along with my crazy quilt blocks,while I am riding in the car. Hand stitching in the car keeps me from using the brake pedal on my side of the car! 

I can’t wait to see the other blocks as each month arrives and I know I can have another quilt project near completion by the beginning of next year. A shout out and thanks to Molly for her great designs. To all the crafters and quilters, sending you all a “yellowrock”.

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  1. I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were invaluable very helpful

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