Guest Caller at Casselberry Hoedowners 7/17/11

Pic by Michael Craft

We had a great dance at the Casselberry Hoedowners on Sunday. John Saunders  and his lovely wife Linda arrived to be our guest caller and TAW for the afternoon while Gene and Marty are on vacation.  We also found out that John Saunders has been calling for nearly 50 years. Fantastic!

We had four squares dancing during part of the day with John calling some great mainstream and plus calls.
Dick Nordine cued some great rounds including “Axle F” which is a cha-cha that Rod & I are starting to get the hang of… we just have to work on that fence-line move! We also danced to one of my favorites ” Save the Last Dance For Me”.
Martha did a great job filling in for John and Judy for the club news and  announcements as they are also on vacation with Gene and Marty. Julia reminded everyone about the Christmas in July dance at the end of the month, remember Santa is on vacation in Florida and plans on stopping in.
The Granada Squares also contacted Rod this week and they have scheduled a banner raid to the Casselberry Hoedowners for August 14th.
As always we thank everyone for all their help in the kitchen and setting up the dance hall for the dance every Sunday afternoon.
Norma also sent out an email to give us an update on Jerry and Margaret Baron’s’ trip out west, and at last update they have been to Yosemite National Park and they got to see the Bridalveil Falls. They also camped out at the Topaz Lake RV Park on the California and Nevada border and they are now in California. It sounds like they are having a great time even though we do really miss them.
We also got the pleasure of having Jim & Lili-Ann, Van & Dee, Ron & Lois and Michael & Alice dancing with us. Michael was also busy taking some great photos during the dance and he is so talented with capturing the dancers at their best. He  has already posted them at for those who want to see the dancers in action.
We finished the day with two squares  still dancing at the end and we look forward to another great dance next week when Gene and Marty come back well rested from their vacation.
In other news updates: Rod & I took care of the Fun Bunch workshop Monday night over in Deland. We had a great time and 11 dancers arrived to dance thru the evening and I also volunteered to dance the man’s part again. I did cause some confusion for the guys as they are so used to me dancing the girl’s part and thinking I was in the wrong position!
Rod also danced a line dance with us to ” Elvira” and I got most of the dance this time! It was great to see Bruce and Saundra back from their trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I hope we have another great turnout next week when Gene and Marty get back.
I have been eavesdropping on the guys and I have an update for the Labor Day dance with an additional caller being added to the roster. I am  excited to learn that Roland Morin will be the fourth caller for the dance. So looks like we will have a great time with John Saunders, Gene McCollough, Roland Morin, Dick Nordine and Rod Barngrover providing us with some great dancing. Rumor has it that the theme for the dance they are thinking about is  “Rock & Roll”  sock hop with pizza and root beer floats. More updated details and rumors as I eavesdrop on the guys plans for the day! ; )
Well, that’s it for square dance news until next Sunday so until I see you in a square or round sending you all a “yellowrock” .
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One Response to Guest Caller at Casselberry Hoedowners 7/17/11

  1. Tommie says:

    Great job Sweetie.

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