Garden Update for July 16, 2011

Well, I haven’t posted anything about the garden over the last few months and I bet you thought I gave up on my gardening… no way! I must have something growing all the time, just not a lot of planting with the heat index near 100 every day and then the afternoon downpours. I am not complaining we need all the rains we can get to keep the wildfires under control around here that always pop up every summer.

Things are still growing with the daily rains which means I don’t have to water as mother nature is doing that for me! The tomatoes are done producing in my garden until it gets cooler so I have been buying tomatoes at the road side fruit stands and at the farmers market for a few weeks now. The things that are growing in this heat are my peppers and lots of beans, Christmas Lima beans, red beans, butter beans and my kidney beans are struggling so I may try those again in the fall.

Christmas Lima Beans - yrcg

The sweet potatoes are doing great, they are trying to invade the red beans but the red beans are not having any of that! The rains do help the oregano, lemon mint and chocolate mints to progress right along.

Red Beans and Sweet Potatoes - yrcg

I also went out back to see how my citrus trees are doing. I am tickled to death to see that I will actually have a good crop of navel oranges, pineapple oranges and  red grapefruits. The tangerines did not do well during the hard freezes this past winter and I only see two fruits which is fine as I had an over abundance last year that I turned into juice.

My first crop of Navel Oranges - yrcg

Yes, Red Grapefruit- Last year I only got 2 fruits - yrcg

The Best Juice Orange- Pineapple Oranges - yrcg

There are a few flowers blooming, mainly the cone flowers but they are not as vibrant pink in this heat and I have not seen any butterflies around them because it is so hot here. I checked on my new grape vines and guess what I found some white grapes and black grapes so maybe next year I can get a better crop but the few I picked off were yummy!

One baby bunch of white grapes - yrcg

Two baby bunches of black grapes - yrcg

Well that’s it for my garden update until the beans start blooming and producing as these are long-term growers and will be at it for at least another month or so and they are going to be dried beans for my soups this winter. Hope you folks are having a great gardening summer wherever you are. Until next time, sending you a “yellowrock”.

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