Dehydrating Sweet Red and Green Peppers

I was passing by one of the many roadside fruit stands while out and about doing my job as an appraiser which means lots of driving here in the rural areas of Florida. I stopped to see about getting a watermelon and these peppers caught my eye. They are huge with the red ones about six inches long and 5 inches round, with the cost of these peppers in the grocery stores at nearly 3 dollars a piece and not nearly as large and the peppers in my garden have a way to go yet, I could not resist the price of 3 for $2.00. I dehydrate a lot of my peppers for pizza later on as well as for soups and chili.

Three Giant Sweet Peppers - yrcg

I got them home washed them , cut out the top and shook out the loose seeds. I sliced them in half so I could trim out the white membrane and remove any excess seeds and rinsed them again. I then sliced and chopped the peppers into about 1/4 inch chunks and placed them on my lined dehydrator trays.

Peppers all chopped- yrcgReady for the dehydrator - yrcg


These 3 peppers yielded 4 cups chopped red peppers and two cups chopped green peppers. I dried the pepper chunks at 135 degrees farenheit for about 9 hours until nice and crisp.

Peppers ready for dehydrator-yrcg

The peppers dehydrate down to what does not seem like a lot, but I only use about a tablespoon or so of dehydrated peppers at a time so these will last until I come across another great deal or my peppers in the garden finally take off.

4 cups fresh dried to 1/2 cup - yrcg


2 cups green peppers dried to 1/4 cup

To rehydrate for pizza I just add the amount of peppers I need usually a tablespoon or so if making small pizzas into a coffee mug, fill half way with water and microwave on high for 1 minute then let set until ready to go on pizza. I drain the peppers and sprinkle the rehydrated peppers onto my pizza. If I am using the dehydrated peppers for soups or chili, I just throw them in the pot and let the cooking liquid rehydrate.

Yield: 1/2 cup dehydrated red peppers and 1/4 cup dehydrated green peppers from 6 cups fresh chopped peppers. Talk about saving storage space!

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