Two Days of Square Dancing and Suspenders

Yellowrock Country Girl- pic by Michael Craft

We had a great dance on Sunday July 10th at the Casselberry Hoedowners. We had three squares dancing at one point. We missed the line dancing as we arrived at 2:30pm.

The dancers were in great spirits and we were able to welcome Lisa back from California. We missed you Lisa, it is great to have you back.
Dick Nordine cued some great rounds including a newer song called “Norma” which I really liked and he played “Last Cheaters Waltz” as a request from Rod.
Norma got an email from Jerry and Margaret Baron that they are having a great time on their trip out west.
Thank you to all of the kitchen staff and set-up crew for getting the hall ready for our club dances every Sunday.We could not have a fun dance without your help.
Rod called a hash tip and singing call and I was happy to see that the squares got thru the calls pretty well.
Announcements included reminding everyone that Santa is coming to Florida while he is traveling on vacation as you may have seen in the Pepsi commercials! We are having a Christmas in July dance at the Casselberry Hoedowners on July 31st. So bring your wrapped gifts for a white elephant gift exchange.
John Saunders will be our guest caller at the Casselberry Hoedowners this next Sunday July 17th while Gene and Marty on vacation.
In other news John Saunders, Gene McCollough , Rod Barngrover and Dick Nordine  are planning another special dance during the summer to be a  Labor Day Dance in Deland for the afternoon of Sept. 5 on that Monday for a “Pizza Party”. I’ll give you the extra details as I get them. Sounds like fun and after the great response from  everyone with the July 4th dance they decided to have another dance for the summer.
We closed out the afternoon with two squares still dancing and Rod & Gene did a duo to “I’ll Fly Away”.
Rod and I are taking care of the Fun Bunch workshops for the next two Monday nights while Gene and Marty are on vacation. We had a great turnout for the “Fun Bunch” workshop in Deland last night with two full squares dancing. So what do suspenders have to do with square dancing?
 I volunteered to dance the man’s part which I have never done before so that we could have two squares, I told them I was up for the challenge and would wing it if they didn’t mind a novice in the square.  The ladies said I did a fine job and I did not break  the square down. I did keep trying to swing the girls to the inside so we did some fancy turning to get me back into the center, which is the guys area of dancing when they promenade! 
The ladies in the square said since there is no dangle for dancing the man’s part and having never done that before after two dances and hash tips they said I earned my “suspenders” . Bob Hutchinson offered his suspenders to me, but we may have had a wardrobe malfunction, so I declined! 
Rod kept the dancers working the spin chain thru move, cast off 3/4 , cloverleaf and circulate family of moves. He had us all working all night and the dancers even requested a workshop on a “hot hash” to see if they could dance as fast as they once remembered. No,  I did not dance that square being a green horn at the man’s part!
Loren and Iva Warman, Steve Kleid ,Patty Foster, Bob Hutchinson, Lill Comee, Eileen and Bib Lingle did a great job with the hot hash and they were smiling all the way as they showed the rest of us how to dance!! Great job guys.
Rod will be taking care of the Fun Bunch dance again next Monday as well. I know some folks are headed north for weddings and vacations and you will be missed but have a great time and safe trip. Until next week when I see you in a square or round, sending you all a “yellowrock” from me to you.
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