4th of July Weekend Dancing

I hope everyone had a great weekend of dancing, eating and enjoying family and friends over this Fourth of July holiday. I want to express my gratitude to our founding fathers,  all of the military servicemen and servicewomen and their families who have provided them the support they have needed  throughout the 235 years of America’s existence in fighting for and preserving our freedoms that we have here in the United States of America and most of all thankful that God watches over us and blesses us with all that he has provided us with.

Happy 4th of July - yrcg

We had a wonderful weekend of dancing, starting with the July 3rd Dance at the Casselberry Hoedowners.

The very energetic helpers including Rita D, Ronnie, Annette, Tim, Eileen and Buzz decorated the hall and had everything setup before the dancers arrived. I am sending a very big thank you and yellowrock out to all of you for your work every week in setting everything up.  We had three squares dancing at one point.

Rita D was the lucky winner of the 50/50, June won a patriotic bear and Norma won the cry baby dollar! Happy Birthday hugs were given out to June and Grant. Rumor has it that Jerry and Margaret are well along on their camping trip and have made it all the way out to Possum Kingdom State Park in Texas for a stop off on their way to California.

Dick Nordine called some get round dances and Rod & I were able to complete a cha-cha without to many errors! We’re getting there!

Rod & Gene called patriotic calls and dancers thru the afternoon and we were happy to have two squares dancing until the end of the dance. Everyone helped clean up the hall and those hungry dancers headed out to the Hibachi Grill Restaurant for nourishment!  

Fire Cracker Five ~ July 4th, Deland , Fl

 Monday’s Firecarcker Five Dance  at Deland was a fantastic success with 7 squares dancing thru the evening! We had a great turnout for the dance and indoor picnic with square dancers from all over Central Florida area clubs including the Granada Squares, Flager Ocean Waves, Hoedowners, Whirl & Twirl, BrenDon, Garden Patch, Dixie Squares, Double L Squares, Starlight Promenaders and Heel & Toe Squares. I’d say Central Florida was well represented!  Thank you dancers one and all for such a great turnout.

Yours truly, Yellowrock Country Girl (Carol) was the official hot dog griller. I was told that I burn hotdogs pretty good! The dancers were fed before the dance started with a meal of  grilled hotdogs that they had a choice of toppings including chili sauce, catsup,mustard, mayo,onions and relish. I was surprised by many that requested their hotdogs sans buns until I realized they were watching out for those dastardly carbs!

Let's Eat- yrcg

Hotdogs - yrcg

Linda & Brenda - yrcg

The dancers filled their plates with chips, watermelon,cantaloupe and they also bowls of chili. Oh, I can’t forget the dessert…….red velvet cake and the most delicious and moist white cake with strawberries and a light cream cheese type frosting. Am I making you all hungry again?! 😉

Wayne,Norma and Martha-yrcg

Brenda Whitaker sang the Star Spangled Banner so beautifully and was flawless. I think she sings like an angel. Great job Brenda.

Brenda Whitaker singing the National Athem- yrcg

Marty manned the door collecting the tickets and selling tickets as they arrived, after she had helped get me started in the kitchen.

Marty greeting everyone at the door - yrcg

Linda,Brenda,Marty and Lori did a great job setting up and decorating all of the tables and getting everything set-up so the dancers were able to get all their food and even come up for seconds or thirds with no long waits! Thanks ladies for a great job! 

The callers, John Saunders, Gene McCollough, Larry Ford, Don Whitaker and Rod Barngrover called to the dancers taking turns individually and singing duets thru the night. Dick Nordine was gracious enough to cue rounds for the round dancers in between tips and Norma Newton got the gang up for some line dancing as well.

The Firecracker Five - yrcg

Swing Your Partner - yrcg

Square Em Up - yrcg

Line Dancers Strut their stuff - yrcg

Don & John - yrcg


Lary, Rod and Gene - yrcg


Planning their next square - yrcg

Rod calling " Ring of Fire " - yrcg

The music was a great mix of fast, slow and patriotic music and the guys closed out the night with a great skit about a hypochondriac at the doctor’s office. I hear that Rod did a very good job with his sneezing and I was the final patient for the doctor being pregnant for just a short time for the final laughs of the night. The guys closed out the night with all of them calling “I’ll Fly Away” together as a group.

Thank you guys for a great dance. Gene,Rod,Dick,John,Don and Larry- yrcg

I want to thank all of the dancers for staying and dancing until the very end of the evening and you never know, the guys may just plan another dance in the future for your dancing pleasure. Until I see you in a square or round sending each and every one of you a “yellowrock”.

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2 Responses to 4th of July Weekend Dancing

  1. Lili-Ann Gallagher says:

    Hi you forgot to mention, that I brought a big bowl of chili and took a clean dish home. I hope you do the same next year, just a great dance, Lili-Ann.

    • Hi there Lili-Ann,
      Sorry I forgot to mention your chili. I know I heard Linda and Marty say someone brought a big crock pot of chili and bowls for the dancers, but I was so busy with burning hotdogs!! I did not know who brought the chili, I know I did not get to sample it as it was all gone by the time I served everybody their hotdogs. I know we had some great dancers from the Dixie Squares of Daytona Beach who brought us an extra grill for cooking the hotdogs, thanks Mr Wheeler for figuring we would need it, as well as Linda and Lewis Wasserman of the Garden Patch Squares brought extra cantaloupe for the fruit trays. So if I missed anyone it was not intentional as everyone who helped with a great dance are truly appreciated by all of the callers TAWs.

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