Crazy Quilt # 2 and other WIPs

I have been doing some sewing the last week or so and thought I would give you a peek at my progress. I am still hand quilting the big quilt on my quilt frame and I hope to have that quilt off the frame maybe before end of summer if I don’t add to many other projects to my plate which is so hard when you see so many things you want to make! The life of a crafter, quilter, baker, gardener, square dancer, mom, wife you gotta love it.

The Big Quilt - last block for this corner - yrcg

The Crazy Quilt Block # 2 is nearly completed I only have one more corner to complete, but I  have not decided on the stitching for that corner as of yet. I have been trying out different stitch patterns and I came across some metal butterflies and more buttons that I could not resist to add to my block.

Crazy Quilt Block #2 - yrcg

Block # 2 - Honeybee and stitching - yrcg

Block # 2 - last corner to stitch-yrcg

I made up two more blocks so that I will have plenty of hand work for traveling in the car. I had fun going thru some of my fabric stash and finding fabrics that I had forgotten about and now the project ideas are starting all over again. Hummm…. I might not get that quilt quilted if I keep this up! That is why I have this blog so I can try to stay on track but always have more WIPs in the wings.

Crazy Quilt Block # 3 - yrcg

 The applique blocks  of the wolf and the buffalo have been sitting in my sewing basket for a while trying to figure out what to do with them as well as the cross stitch indian chief I had made a few years ago that was going to go on a shirt pocket, but I changed my mind and kept him safe in my sewing basket where he will now be part of the wall hanging for these crazy quilt blocks.

Crazy Quilt Block # 4 - yrcg

I have also started another project using some of my fabric stash for a block of the month pattern that I found on the internet that I could not resist on Molly’s Place Blog that I will post about on my next sewing blog update, she is a very talented lady and has a great blog with lots of quilting tips and I have added her blog to my blogroll. If you are a quilter…. fair warning being issued that you may add more projects to your WIPs after you go to her site!

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