Casselberry Hoedowners Dance – June 26, 2011

Yellowrock Country Girl – pic by Michael Craft

We had a great dance yesterday at the Casselberry Hoedowners.  Rod & I got there a bit after 2 pm and the dance hall had a great turnout.

Gene was still working with the dancers for the end of the workshop session when we arrived.
By the time everyone  arrived for the dance we had four squares dancing which is fantastic with so many gone on vacation.
Dick Nordine cued some great round dances, some being phase 3 and 4. Rod & I need more practice with those phases as we only get to dance to Dick’s cueing and I definitely don’t want to lose everything we learned.
Rod was able to go under the radar in regards to his birthday being on Sunday, even though everyone on his facebook page was sure to remind him.
Eileen is now back from her trip to visit her daughter after the tornadoes that had hit. We are so happy to hear that she made it thru the storms safely though her neighborhood was damaged.
We missed the line dances that Norma teaches earlier in the day, though everyone always has a great time learning the line dances.
The club presented Mary O with her own chair cover that was hand-crafted by Annette for being a charter member of the Casselberry Hoedowners since 1984.
Rod and Gene performed a couple of duets for the dancers to dance to and the dancers got a refresher on the spin-chain-thru move. They are real good about trying to keep us on our toes and keep our thinking caps on!
We finished the day with 3 squares still dancing at the end. Great job dancers.
Gene also reminded everyone that they can still get tickets for the Fourth of July Dance in Deland so don’t forget to see Rod and Marty for tickets. Gene and Rod also are still having their summer workshop on Monday nights in Deland.
Followup notes for the Garden Patch Squares Dance this past Thursday night in Ocoee  that Rod called while Bill Boyd was out-of-town. They had a full square plus two folks to step in while other rested and they danced all night including square dancing, round dancing and Rod taught them Amos Moses line dance and they requested Elvira as their last line dance for the evening. We had a great time with the Garden Patch Squares and Rod & I want to thank them for making us feel so welcome over the last two weeks.
Well, until next time I see you in a square or round sending you all a “yellowrock”
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One Response to Casselberry Hoedowners Dance – June 26, 2011

  1. Barbara Morley says:

    I always enjoy your reports. Thank you .

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