Dehydrating Fruit Series ~ Blueberries

Blueberries are now coming into the farmers markets and stores for the last couple of weeks here in Florida, so I chose to work with blueberries for this post to see how well they dehydrate as I really like the dehydrated blueberries for my granola, muffins and just for snacking.

One Pound of Fresh Blueberries - yrcg

I started with a full one pound container of fresh blueberries. I rinsed the berries and sliced the berries in half so they would not take as long to dehydrate. This took a little longer this way but it was well worth it. You could also dunk the berries in boiling water for a few seconds to cause the berries to crack the skin or pierce the berries with a long skewer. This is so the interior of the berries can get the needed heat to dehydrate the juice in the berries.

I placed the sliced berries on non-stick silicone sheets that my dehydrator came with. I also tried one tray lined with cheese cloth to see if the berries would dehydrate any faster.

Sliced blueberries ready for dehydrator - yrcg


Sliced blueberries on cheese cloth - yrcg

The one pound container of sliced berries actually filled 8 trays in my dehydrator as they were pretty large berries. The berries took 12 hours to dehydrate at 135 degrees farenheit.

Verdict: I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the berries, the smaller ones were very crisp and the some of the larger ones were more like a raisin in texture. The flavor of these berries is very sweet and intense. The only problem with the berries were those that I had dehydrated on the cheese cloth, stuck to the cloth and I had to carefully peel the berries off of the cloth being careful not to have any strings stuck on the berries , so I won’t do that again!

The yield was surprising good for these berries with the full pound actually dehydrating to a full one pint jar. I know I will need more berries dehydrated before the go out of season.

Yield: 1 full pint jar

Dehydrated Blueberries - yrcg

Note: I have dehydrated blueberries one other time but they were frozen berries, which took forever to dehydrate as they were whole and even with being pierced  they took almost 36 hours at 135 degrees farenheit.  Also as they thawed in the dehydrator the berries continually dripped the juices to the bottom of the dehydrator and made a huge mess to clean up. The yield was not as good either as when working with fresh berries, so for best yield  I will dehydrate my blueberries from fresh berries.

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3 Responses to Dehydrating Fruit Series ~ Blueberries

  1. peeples says:

    Wish I would have read this two hours ago! I have frozen strawberries in the dehydrator right now and all I hear is the sound of “drip, drip, drip”! I’m debating on just pulling them out!

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