Dehydrating Fruit Series ~ Bananas

Fresh Bananas - yrcg

The bananas at the store looked extra delicious and were calling me take me, so I went ahead and bought more bananas than I really need. I have eaten enough banana sandwiches to carry me over for a while over the last couple of days and I still have bananas in the freezer for banana bread and there are no dehydrated bananas left in the pantry and since I have been going thru the various fruits to see how much of a yield I would get after they dehydrate I decided to add these to the mix.

I started with 4 medium-large bananas that were nice and yellow and just starting to get a few brown flecks on the skin so the bananas would be sweet. I peeled and sliced the bananas to 1/8 inch thick. Dipped them in lemon juice to keep from discoloring. Each banana covered one tray.

Sliced bananas dipped in lemon juice - yrcg

I dehydrated the banana chips at 135 degrees farenheit for 12 hours until they were crisp and did not stick to each other. After they were done I removed them from the trays and let cool on a plate to be sure no residual heat was left and then placed in my pint jar.

Dehydrated bananas-yrcg

I love banana chips and they do not last long in the pantry and I should really make them more often. These banana chips if store in a cool dark cabinet will last for at least 6 months, but in this house they never last that long!

Verdict: Yield: 1 full pint jar

Note: Don’t forget to use those banana peels in the compost bin or if you have roses just bury the peelings under the rose bushes, they love the potassium and your rose blooms will be so much bigger. I also hear that tomatoes also love banana peels so I may bury some of the peels under my tomato plants to see how they respond.

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