Busy Square Dancing again this week !

Yellowrock Country Girl – pic by Michael Craft

Well my feet have not stopped tapping and turning on the floor around here after the great workshop dance in Deland last night  at the George Sanborn Recreation Center where the Honeybees typically dance.

We had two full squares dancing and we were able to workshop some moves including tea-cup chain and slide thru most of the night.
Marty was able to teach us the line dance to “Dance over the Rainbow. I keep trying to get the steps down, but by the time I get the rhythm the song is over!
Rod worked on some sight calling and Rod and Gene took turns calling hash and singing calls and finished the evening to “I’ll Fly Away”.
We had to say goodbye to Herman who is headed up north for the summer and Sue is headed to Ft Myers to relax on the beach for a week. I am sooo jealous, that area is so beautiful.
We had M/M Garrett come in from the Ormond Squares to dance with us as well. We want to thank all of the dancers for coming out to support the workshop and hope to see everyone next Monday as well.
Rod is practicing his calls for this  Thursday night for the Garden Patch Squares of Ocoee . The dance starts at 7:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm where he is calling in place of Bill Boyd who is headed to the National Square Dance Convention in Michigan. I hope we have a good turnout over at The Garden Patch Squares for lots of square dancing, round dancing and line dancing .
We also will be dancing at the Casselberry Hoedowners this Sunday for lots of fun and remember in these hot months during the summer the dance attire is casual dress if you like.
Rod and Gene still have tickets available  for the FIRECRACKER FIVE, dance in Deland on Monday for the Fourth of July. Get your tickets now, and they will be able to know how much food to get to feed everyone as you get to dance and have dinner! We will get to dance with five callers including Gene McCollough, John Saunders, Larry Ford, Don Whitaker and my personal favorite Rod Barngrover!! Hey, I am partial being the TAW . I hope to see everyone there for a great time.
Until next time when I see you in a square or round sending you all a “yellowrock” !
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