Lots of Dancing Going On June 13 ~ June 18

Yellowrock Country Girl pic by Michael Craft

We had a very busy week last week for square dancing and work so a bit late getting my post up, so apologies to everyone.

We started the week with Rod & Gene having their second workshop in Deland, I was not there as I had to work but they said they had a great turnout with 2 full squares brushing up on their square dance moves.
Tuesday evening June 14th Rod & I covered for Bill Boyd in Apopka for a new class he had started. We had one square counting Rod & I so we were very tired by the end of two hours.
Thursday evening June 16th, was a very busy evening with Rod holding down the fort for Bill Boyd’s club the Garden Patch Squares of Ocoee while he is at the National Square Dance Convention in Michigan. Rod said he had 1.5 squares dancing thru the night. The did some square dancing along with some line dancing and round dancing.
While Rod was over in Ocoee I was taking care of the Casselberry Hoedowners raid at the Dixie Squares in Daytona Beach. I want to thank all of the dancers that arrived in support of this raid. It was the biggest turnout for a Daytona raid yet. We had a total of 17 dancers. Yahoo !!!! I am so proud of all of the dancers for coming out to support our raid activities. There were a total of six squares of dancers at the Dixie Squares dance so there was a lot of catching up with all of the area dancers.
We had a great time with John Swindle calling thru the night and Roland Morin and his wife Linda were also in attendance and Roland called a tip for us. Gail swindle even danced as my partner for the last tip.
Dick Nordine cued some of the round dances including “Funky Cowboy” and I got to dance with Dick when Gail Swindle was cueing rounds. Gail Swindle has just started calling in last 2 months and she did a fine job. Dick was also asked to start cueing rounds for the Dixie Squares every 4th Thursday and will be mentoring Gail on her cueing endeavors. Go Gail you couldn’t ask for a better mentor.
The Dixie Squares also had their “pie night” and I have to say they had a wide assortment of pies…chocolate, grapefruit, keylime, mango keylime, apple crumb , along with strawberry shortcake, cheesecake and other savory snacks as well. I liked all of them!!
Saturday night, June 18th Rod & I danced in a demo dance for Gene at the Bear Creek Adult Community. Gene taught them some basic round dance lessons as well as line dances. I think they all had a great time and there were some very interested in possibly taking lessons. So maybe we will get some new dancers in the Central Florida area.
Sunday Rod & I did not dance at the Casselberry Hoedowners on Sunday as I was cooking fish for my dad’s Fathers Day, so I hope everyone had a great dance at the Casselberry Hoedowners and ate lots of ice cream that was planned in honor of all of the dads.
Well until next time I see you in a square or round sending you all a “yellowrock” .
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One Response to Lots of Dancing Going On June 13 ~ June 18

  1. Tommie says:

    Great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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