Dehydrating Fruit Series – Sweet Black Cherries

The next fruit waiting for the dehydrator were some sweet black cherries that I had left after making the canned maraschino cherries from my earlier post.  I had two pounds of cherries left so I decided to continue along with my dehydrator series and see how much they would yield.

I washed the cherries, cut them in half and removed the pit and placed the cherries cut side down on the dehydrator trays. I was able to fill 4 trays and dehydrated then at 135 degrees farenheit for 12 hours in my dehydrator. Your dehydrator may take more or less time depending on the actual fruit and your dehydrator. 

Sliced Sweet Black Cherries - yrcg

Verdict: The cherries are now like large cherry raisins and I think they taste better and sweeter now that they have been dehydrated than when they were fresh.

Yield: I was able to get 1 full pint and a 1/4 pint jar of dehydrated cherries. I immediately put them in the pantry before I ate then all up! I will be headed to the market again before they are done for the season and get more to dehydrate.

Dehydrated Sweet Black Cherries - yrcg

Extra Note: You can also freeze the cherries with the pits and eat them like you would fresh and just spit out the pit as the cherries do not get real hard in the freezer.

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