Dehydrated Fruit Series – Grapes to Raisins

Some of the red seedless grapes - yrcg

This is the next fruit that was in my kitchen just waiting to hop right on into my dehydrator ! They were singing to me…have you heard it thru the grape vine that grapes are raisins! Okay I know that is a bit sappy but I could not resist!

I started with 2 pounds of red seedless grapes. I rinsed the grapes and removed them from the stems and gave them a second rinse. There are different ways noted on the internet for prepping the grapes , using a skewer to puncture the grapes to release the juices and help with dehydration or slicing the grapes. I chose to slice the grapes in half, the smaller grapes I sliced to nearly in half to keep them from falling thru the dehydrator trays as they shrink up.

Sliced grapes headed to dehydrator - yrcg

Place the sliced grapes on the trays as you go makes the loading of the trays easier and faster in the long run I think. I filled three trays.

I dehydrated the grapes at 135 degree farenheit for my dehydrator temperature for fruits. The grapes took nearly 18 hours overall for all of the grapes. The smaller ones were removed as they completed dehydrating and the largest grapes took a bit longer.

Raisins - yrcg

I now have realize how good raisins should taste and these are way better than the store-bought raisins I grew up with. Next I have to try white grapes. I will be keeping my dehydrator busy over the next few months with all of the dehydrated fruit that I am falling in love with. These raisins are going to be so good in oatmeal cookies, but I will have to hide them for now or I will eat them all. I have already eaten the 1/4 pint jar for quality control!

Yield : Two pounds dehydrated to 1 full pint plus 1/4 pint jar


Pint jar of raisins - I ate the 1/4 pint - yrcg

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