Casselberry Hoedowners Dance ~ 6/12/2011

Headed to the Square Dance

Rod & I did some serious dancing on Sunday. We got to the Casselberry Hoedowners around 2:45 and everyone was already dancing the first round dance.

We were all there to celebrate “Flag Day” even if we were a few days late. Many of us wore red,white and blue colors and because of the hotter weather this was a casual wear dance. We had a great turnout with three squares dancing at one point.

Dick Nordine cued some great rounds including the first dance that Rod & I danced to titled “Red,White & Blue”!

Gene put us thru our paces with more practice on the single circle moves and called an old favorite dance to “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille”

Rod called a hash tip and a singing call and also worked the dancers with the single circle moves. Rita and Colin gave Rod some records from Dick Hubert’s collection of square dance records with some great titles for Rod to work on. Some he even remembers the moves that he learned to dance to when he learned to dance with the Riley Wranglers of Greenfield, Indiana!

After the dance we next headed on over to the Brendon Squares in Geneva, Florida to dance with those fine folks. We had a great time there as well and they had two squares dancing all afternoon. Rod called a singing tip to “Stand By Me” and Rod & Don Whitaker also did a lively singing duet call to ” Drinkin My Baby Goodbye”

Don was working with the dancers as well with single circle moves, so we are all getting lots of practice with the circle moves. We had a great time with the Brendon Squares and by the end of their dance we were mighty tired and ready to go home to see the NBA finals.

Special notes: Rod & Gene are having their square dance workshop in Deland every Monday night where the Deland Honeybees dance.

 We are still reminding everyone to get their tickets for the Fourth of July Dance in Deland, we need to know how much food to get to feed everyone. The tickets include 3 hours of dancing and dinner.

I will be the raid chairman by myself this week for the Casselberry Hoedowners to Dixie Squares in Daytona Beach on Thursday June 16, 2011 as Rod will be calling for the Garden Patch Squares of Ocoee for Bill Boyd who is attending the National Square Dance convention. Sorry Rod you will be missing “Pie Night” but I’ll sacrifice myself and eat some for you as that is what a TAW ( tag-along-wife) is supposed to do!

I hope everyone has a great week and until next time I see you in a square or round sending each and every one of you a “yellowrock”.

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