Dehydrated Fruit Series – Strawberries

I have been real busy in the kitchen over the last few days with lots of dehydrating going on with the fresh fruits that are now available in the stores, farmers markets and fruit stands here in Florida.

Sliced Strawberries - 1 quart package - yrcg

I love dehydrated fruit in my granola and just for snacking and I decided to dehydrate a typical package size you would get when you purchase your fruit, quarts,pints or pounds to see how much dehydrated product you would be finished with.

The first fruit we will focus on is strawberries! I started with a 1 quart package of strawberries. The strawberries were medium size not too small or too large. I washed the strawberries in cool water, sliced off the tops as they were not real red and then sliced the strawberries into 1/4 inch slices.

Strawberries on tray headed to dehydrator - yrcg

I placed the sliced strawberries onto my dehydrator trays. I was able to fill two trays and dehydrated the berries at 135 degrees farenheit for my dehydrator. The dehydrated for 12 hours and were nice and crisp.

Strawberries dehydrated - yrcg

Yield: 3/4 cup

1 Quart Starwberries in pint jar - yrcg

 I can say these are super tasting , but I am going to need lots more dehydrated so I can have enough for cereal, snacking and baking. This does help determine how many strawberries to purchase. I grow fresh strawberries in the spring but those were all eaten fresh when I could get to them before the squirrels!

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