Casselberry Hoedowners Dance ~ June 5, 2011

Yellowrock Country Girl - photo by Michael Craft

We had a great dance yesterday at the Casselberry Hoedowners. We had four squares of dancers dancing thru much of the day. Gene called some great tips and worked with us on clover leaf moves. Rod called a hash tip and worked us thru a  3/4 circle to a wave move , box the gnat , tag the line and clover leaf  which was really fun , even though we all only wanted to go 1/2 way for the circle to a wave! We did find that the move works because we did it two out of the three times!

Sorry Rod,  we dancers really think we know how to dance and you just need to call what we are dancing. Just kidding you really make us learn to listen to the caller especially with the mainstream calls instead of anticipating what we think you are going to call! Good job in getting us to pay attention.

 Rod called his singing call to ” Stand By Me” which is one of Dick Nordine’s and Norman Newton’s favorite singing calls that Rod does.

Dick Nordine cued rounds for us including waltzes, cha-chas and a polka. One of the songs he cued to was called “OH!” .  Dick also brought his sister Jeannette from Ft Lauderdale in and she danced with us during the first tip. I know she said she hasn’t danced in 100 years but she did great , it was great to have her company and we hope she has a safe trip back home.
I know that the day was emotional for all of us after the recent passing of Darleen and the songs that Dick cued brought back more memories for Dick especially “Street Fair” which was a polka dance that I really liked.
I want to remind everyone that we have a banner raid to the Dixie Squares of Daytona Beach come June 16th, which is also their “pie night” . We are getting a great sign up so far and if you need a ride with a car pool let us know. Rod & I want to thank everyone that has went on the raids with us for the great support without you there would be no raids.
Gene finished up the dance and let everyone know that Gene and Rod are starting up the “Fun Bunch” workshop in Deland tonight at the Wayne G Sanborn Activities Center at 751 S Alabama Ave, Deland, Florida from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm . This will be every Monday night until the area clubs that have closed down reopen in the fall so the area dancers that want to dance thru the summer can keep their skills sharp. We hope to have a great turn out .
Don’t forget to get your tickets for the July 4th “Firecracker Five” dance that will also be at the Wayne G Sanborn Center for the celebration of the Fourth of July with an indoor picnic and five callers including , John Saunders, Gene McCullough, Don Whitaker, Larry Ford and Rod Barngrover.
Until I see you in a square or round I am sending everyone a big “yellowrock”
PS- Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to everyone for the month of June from Yellowrock Country Girl.
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