Starlight Promenaders ~ 5/24/2011

Yellowrock Country Girl – Photo by Michael Craft

Do you like root beer floats? I do and so did everyone else that attended the last dance for the summer with the Starlight Promenaders in Debary last night.

We all had a great time and I want to thank all of the  Casselberry Hoedowners that showed up for the successful banner raid.
There were four squares dancing much of the night and Rod and I got to see many of the dancers from the area clubs in attendance that we do not get to see to often.
Norma Newton taught everyone the couples round dance with the partners twirling separately. I really like that dance, just forgot the name of the dance – sorry for the memory lapse!
Rod called a hash tip and a singing call for everyone to the tune of ” Your Man” .
Roland Morin had us dancing main stream and plus tips with one of the more memorable dances being  about someone putting catsup on his ice cream !
After a lot of dancing we stopped to replenish our energy with root beer floats , cookies, pumpkin pie, watermelon, eclairs and punch. As I always say, square dancers love to eat!
The Casseleberry Hoedowners gang of eight, Norma,Wayne,Martha,Florence, June, Grant and myself   followed Rod with the raid march to steal the Starlight Promenaders banner and they hope to come back sometime during the summer or early fall to get it back! Thank you Hoedowners!
Roland let all the dancers know about the upcoming workshop classes being offered by Gene McCullough and Rod Barngrover and to be held at the
 Sanborn Activities Center at 751 S Alabama Ave, Deland every Monday night from 7 pm to 9pm starting June 6th . 
This way the local dancers can keep their dancing skills nice and sharp as many of the clubs close for the summer and many of the dancers head back north to their  other clubs.
Roland also announced the Fire Cracker Five dance also to be held at the Sanborn Activities Center in Deland, Florida on July 4th. We hope to see everyone there for a good turnout and we will being having hotdogs, chili and more food to be announced! The callers will be John Saunders, Gene McCullough, Don Whitaker, Larry Ford and Rod Barngrover. Tickets can be purchased in advance for a discounted price or at the door.
Roland closed out the night with a hot hash dance and everyone was ready to call it an evening. I hope that everyone had as good a time as we did. Thanks Roland and Linda Morin for a great dance and to Patty Foster for getting everyone rounded up for a successful dance.
Until next time when I see you in a square or round sending you a “yellowrock”
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