Garden Harvest ~ 5/22/2011

My Garden Harvest This Morning - yrcg


I know it looks like I just came from the flea market! This is what I got from the garden this morning . Nearly two pounds of green beans, three large oriental express burpless cucumbers. I dug 2 pounds of new red potatoes to make some green beans and potatoes, tomorrow for supper.

I also picked the last of the pickling cucumbers – all five of them as the plants are starting to have issues with powdery mildew, so no more until the fall when it gets much cooler. I have tried spraying the cucumber plants with skim milk, but not much help this year. The good thing is the burpless cucumbers don’t seem to be having the same problem, just can’t making any more pickles for a while. No worries, I have plans for that space to plant kidney beans .  ; )  

I got 3 more okra pods to add to the freezer,  almost enough for an appetizer !  A pretty good bunch of small romain lettuces, four cherry tomatoes for me to munch on. I picked 7 ” Better Boy” tomatoes and my first black tomato called “Black Tula” which is an heirloom variety, I can’t wait to eat that one all by myself ! I pulled 5 small yellow onions for the beans as well.

The large basket in the back is the oregano I gave a partial trimming and that has been washed and is now in the dehydrator.

After all the “shopping” in the garden I did some work as well , getting the 18 sweet potato slips planted that I bought yesterday. I planted another green pepper plant and three “Roma” tomato plants for sauce later this summer and three  -white grape – grape vines that have little bunches of grapes on them. They look so cute.

After that, it was time to clean up and get ready to go square dancing! Until next time I hope everyone is having a great time in their gardens with the veggies and flowers and here’s sending you all a “yellowrock” !

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