Casselberry Hoedowners Dance ~ 5/22/2011

Yellowrock Country Girl – photo by Michael Craft

 We had a great day of dancing at the Casselberry Hoedowners this afternoon with four squares dancing at one time along  and a few extras resting in between tips even though  Rod & I did not get there until 2:30 pm, since I was out in the garden this morning ! ; )

It was nice to see Julia and Tim back after Julia being sick, we really missed you guys and they told me about their adventures with their indoor rabbit getting fleas after being outside for photos. I never knew rabbits could get fleas until today.
I also got to visit with Ron and Annette who have been on vacation for the last few weeks  and we got to talk a bit about quilting before we got up to dance.
Rita and Colin were there as well and we got to round dance with them , but their square was always full before we got on the dance floor.
Gene called lots of fun and brain testing moves to see if we were all paying attention! Rod called a hash tip and a singing call to ” Ring of Fire”
Tommi was nice enough to let me dance with Mike while Rod called. Dick Nordine cued some great waltzes and cha-chas today and Rod requested ” Roses for Elizabeth” which was great, as I need as much practice as possible so I do not forget the moves!
Michael and Alice Craft was here today and Michael was taking pictures of all of us during the dance , and a special thank you to Michael for all of his fantastic photography and work for the square dancing. I am adding the “Traveling Hoedowners” link to my blog roll, so whenever you want to know what else is going on in the square dance community, check out their site.
Also sending out a big thank-you to Martha, Lisa, Buzz,Tim and the rest of the gang that helps set everything up and take everything down every week.
A super special thank you to Norma Newton for all of her line dances that she teaches everybody and also for Norma and Wayne helping me get everyone together for the impromptu raid to the Starlight Promenaders on Tuesday 5/24/2011 in Debary, Florida  for their last dance before they close for the summer.
Rod actually won $14 in the  50/50 drawing today. Okay, babe hand it over !
Well wishes  and prayers are being sent out to Eileen who is still out sick with the flu and Darlene Nordine who has had a set back with her breathing issues.
Gene finished out the dance today with a “hot hash” dance that was a lot of fun and we did really good dancing fast, until the music changed to real slooooowwwww about midway before speeding back up again.
The regular gang then left for their usual dinner at Perkins after the dance to replenish all the calories they burned during the dance. Like I always say, square dancers like to eat!
Until next time when I hope to see you in a square or round sending you all a “yellowrock” from me to you.
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2 Responses to Casselberry Hoedowners Dance ~ 5/22/2011

  1. Barbara Morley says:

    Enjoyed your post on yesterday’s Hoedowners square dance.

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