Quilting and Crazy Quilt Block #2 Progress

In case you thought I had abandoned my sewing projects with all of the square dancing, cooking and canning posts I have done lately they are slowly coming along. The big quilt is coming along on the quilting frame when I have minutes to spare here at home and once this last section is done I will start working on the quilting of the corner blocks. I have the quilt folded up over the front of the frame and you can see the free hand quilting design that will be quilted in this last section.

Quilting nearly done for center blocks - yrcg

I have had lot of time in the car with all of the square dancing so I have had more time also to work on my second crazy quilt block. I have a ways to go yet before this one is done but I thought it would be nice to show everyone my progress and what the block is starting to look like. The fun part with the crazy quilt blocks is that I can continue to be creative in each little section with a new design that comes from my doodling as well as designs I see on the internet or even clothing that people are wearing  so each section is unique.

Cactus and Grafitti on bricks - yrcg


Thunderbird - yrcg


Cave Painting - yrcg


Flowers and Fence with Wagon WheelRed Flowers on white trellis - yrcg


I hope everyone is having as much fun with their creative endeavors as I am. Until next time, sending you a “yellowrock”.

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