Casselberry Hoedowners Dance – 5/15/2011

Yellowrock Country Girl – Photo by Michael Craft

We had a great dance at the Casselberry Hoedowners on Sunday. Rod & I got there at 1:30 pm and was able to help with the students which are coming along very well in their lessons.

There were at least two squares dancing all afternoon and Norma Newton taught us two new line dances. The first one was “Swingin Thing” to Scooter Lee’s ” Pride & Joy”. and the next tip for line dancing she taught a couples tandem waltz to “Texas Waltz” which was very fun.  I actually danced thru both of the line dances and did not mess up too much!
Dick Nordine cued round dances for us with our many requests. Rod requested “Roses for Elizabeth” and I messed up some, I just need to dance it more to get it back into my memory bank because it is such a beautiful waltz.
Gene called a great dance and I think my new favorite singing call from Gene is now “Montego Bay” , I felt like we should be on vacation. We all had a hard  
John and Judy Price have returned from their 3 week vacation and family obligations and they were truly missed. Julia and Eileen were  missing as both of these talented ladies were out sick with the flu….we missed you. Dick reported that Darlene is also making small steps in her recovery which is so nice to hear. We had the great pleasure of Luangel, Brantley and Bailey being here to dance thru the afternoon with us. We sure have missed them, but I know when work calls Brantley has to go.
We are reminding everyone about the Square and Round Dance State Convention down in Lakeland, Florida May 27 thru May 29 and we know everyone will have a grand time dancing day and night.
Rod & I  are trying to get an impromptu group together for a raid to steal a banner from the Debary Starlight Promenaders on Tuesday May 24 , before they close down for the summer.
Rod & I also have a raid scheduled to the Dixie Squares of Daytona Beach, Florida on June 16 which is also their “Pie Night”. I want to thank all of the dancers who have supported Rod & I with the raids to the area clubs, because without all of you we would not be successful.
Other news coming up: Rod is calling his first private party gig for square dancing this Friday in Winter Garden, Florida. He is practicing up a storm here at home, up early every morning working on his hash calls and singing calls and we are learning new line dances as well.
Rod & Gene will start their square dance workshop in Deland, Florida starting June 6th at the dance hall of the Deland Honeybees.  More details coming next week.
The Firecracker Five are working together with the plans for the July 4th dance also at the Deland location which will include the fantastic calling from John Saunders, Gene McCollough, Don Whitaker, Larry Ford and Rod Barngrover! I will give more details as they inform me.
We had a great day and we hope that you had a great weekend and have a great week . Until I see you in a square or a round sending a “yellowrock” from me to you.  
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