Revamping the side Garden 5/15/2011

Side Garden - Bed along shop is pink cone flowers, strawberries and lettuce - yrcg


The last few days I have been out working in my side garden revamping the beds after my parents neighbors gave me a big stack of garden bed wood trimming that they got from a neighbor that was moving and going to throw them out.

 This was the side garden that had no raised beds or real walkways and I want to get it set up more like my larger garden which is so much less work with the raised bed trim and mulch walkways.

So I started by moving the herbs that were going to be in the pathway and pulled out the one tomato plant that had been in the garden since the October last year and would get blossoms but would not set and after eight months my patience was done.

Tomatoes in center bed - yrcg

I got the wood trim in place where I wanted them and I am going to be 12 pieces short, so I will have to go to Lowes sometime this week to get what I need to finish out the last bed, I am not complaining as I love going to Lowes for garden items!

I know the walkways are narrow ranging from 20 inches  to 2.5 feet, but I am the only one who goes into the gardens and this is enough space for me. My other half is not allowed in the gardens unless I need help installing posts. I always tell him he’s like a bull in a china shop and always seems to step in the beds instead of the walkways and that is in the back garden which has 2.5 feet to 3 feet wide walkways. Got to love him, he’s great for the muscle stuff and building whatever I need and he likes looking at the flowers and eating the veggies but his area is mowing the grass. Last time I used the riding lawn mower, he attached a wagon to the back to make my garden work easier, but after I jack-knifed the wagon and mower I was banned from the mower  and he stays out of the gardens. 

I was able to see a lot of wasted space after I got the wood trim in place, so I can plant even more! I still have lots of seeds to try out!

Look at all the extra garden space I have - yrcg

I got the parsley transplanted to new location. There were some strawberries in the back garden that were from runners that I moved to the side garden and I will use those as ground cover under my row of pink cone flowers and the heirloom rose. I transplanted some more of the Romain lettuces from the large flower-pot and got some Christmas Lima Beans planted along one side.

After I got the spare strawberry plants moved to their new location I was then able to get two more of the beds planted in the back garden with red zipper peas and red beans.

After planting the beans and checking on everything else I saw two red tomatoes that I went ahead and picked for supper, found two more pickling cucumbers hiding under the leaves, found some volunteer zinnias mixed in with the oregano that was trying to over take them, so I moved the zinnias to the side garden with the pink cone flowers and strawberries. Then I checked the green beans which had been blooming last time I checked and there were beans ! I picked a bag full that weighed out at 2 pounds. Those I will figure out what to do with tomorrow after square dancing.

Now I need the last 12 boards and some mulch - yrcg

I was able to fertilize all of the transplants and then I had to quit as it started to rain. So overall it was a good couple of days out in the garden. I hope everyone is having a great time in their gardens or at least dreaming of starting the garden. Until next time sending you all a “yellowrock”.

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2 Responses to Revamping the side Garden 5/15/2011

  1. ‘…pulled out the one tomato plant that had been in the garden since the October last year and would get blossoms but would not set and after eight months my patience was done.’

    Haha! I can relate to that, always have trouble growing tomatoes down the side of our house as well!

    That looks brilliant, it’s such a privilege to be able to pop round the side of your home and grab fantastically tasty, fresh produce straight from your own soil!

    It makes all the hard work worth while!

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