Garden Harvest 5/11/2011

Fresh veggies from the garden - yrcg

I was out feeding the rabbits this morning and decided to see how the garden was doing. I have fresh veggies! I was able to get the first two red tomatoes which will go into a salad today. I also harvested some okra, 3 burpless cucumbers, a couple of pickling cucumbers, three green bell peppers and two cowhorn peppers. I am so happy to see the garden doing so well this year the garden gnomes are doing a great job.

I have to say I am impressed with  Jeddidiah Redrock and his side kick Amos Looppen for all the work they get done thru the night guarding the veggies from the raccoons!   

Amos Looppen napping in his hammock as usual after a long night working in the garden – yrcg

I hope everyone is having a great time in their gardens as well. Until next time, “yellowrock”!

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2 Responses to Garden Harvest 5/11/2011

  1. Country Wife says:

    Fresh veggies in May?? I’m so jealous!! We are just hitting our last frost date here, and really won’t consider putting out the tomato seedlings until the end of May.

    • Hi Country Wife,
      First I love your blog and thanks so much for the visit. The garden is doing really well this year. I have been out in the yard most of the day, I planted some Christmas Lima beans, red zipper peas and red beans, transplanted some more heirloom romain lettuce and moved some more strawberries to another bed. Did some fertilizing, picked two more cucumbers, about 2 pounds of green beans and two red tomatoes, then the rain storms for the afternoon put a stop on what all I wanted to get done. I am tired, but it’s that good outside playing in the dirt tired!!

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