Bow and Swing Subscription Dance – 5/7/2011

Rod and I ready to go dancing - yrcg

Jr took a picture of Rod & I before we headed out to the dance at the Whirl and Twirl dance hall for the Bow and Swing subscription dance. The dance was in honor of Bill Boyd and all the work he does for the square dance community including the publishing of the Bow and Swing monthly magazine.

The callers and cuers - this photo was taken and designed by the talented Michael Craft

The dance had already started by the time we got there, so we missed Bill Boyd’s tip. We danced some rounds under the direction of Dick Nordine and he cued  my request for “Last Cheaters”  waltz for us. Michael Craft was busy taking pictures of the events ( Thanks Michael )  in between dancing with his wife Alice. All of the callers and cuers you see in the picture above entertained the dancers with some great calling and cueing and many of the dancers got to dance with the callers and their TAWs in their squares.
 There were at least six squares dancing much of the evening until after the 50/ 50 drawing and then the dancers started to leave as rumor has it a number of the dancers were leaving on Sunday for a square dance cruise and they needed to leave to finish packing. Doesn’t that sound like lots of fun!?  We closed out the evening with all of the callers singing the last to together.   
After the dance the callers were hungry and they escorted their TAWs to the local Perkins for breakfast for many and late night snack for the rest of us.
After a long night and long drive we finally got home around 1:30 a.m., which is way past my normal bedtime!
We did not make it to the Casselberry Hoedowners Mothers Day dinner on Sunday afternoon or the dance as I spent the day smoking and bar-b-queing baby back ribs and all the fixings  for my mom’s Mother Day dinner. I heard that they had a good turnout with 3 squares and had lots of good food as always, sorry we missed the fun.  
 I hope everyone had a great weekend dancing or spending time with your moms, wives and the other special women in your lives. Until we see you in a square or a round, here’s sending you an extra big “yellowrock” to all of my subscribers and followers and even those that just drop in from time to time I truly appreciate every one of you.
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