My First Harvest 5/2/2011

My first harvest - yrcg

I am so excited, doesn’t my garden basket of veggies look wonderful?

I went out to the garden today and look what I was able to pick. Five, Boston Pickling cucumbers. I have been checking the cucumber  plants everyday and watching the little guys growing and I actually missed the largest one which is about 6 inches long, the rest are the perfect size for pickles, just not a large amount yet so these will be made into refrigerator pickles.

I also picked over a pound of yellow wax beans that will be used for dilly beans since the green beans are still blooming and a few weeks away for the planned three bean salad I wanted to can. Oh, well I will just get some more  yellow wax and green beans planted and maybe the later plants will be more in line for harvesting at the same time. That’s the plus for gardening in Florida, you can just keep planting thru the spring and summer to keep things growing.
I also picked 3 okra pods. I know that is not much to do anything with except freeze for later, but I did not want them to get too large and keep the plants from producing later as the plants are still growing.
The rain we got last Thursday really helped everything. I am also eyeing a cherry tomato that is turning orange, so maybe I will get to perform a quality control check in the garden in a day or so !
That’s the end of the update for the garden at least for today. I hope you folks are all enjoying your gardens as well. Until next time  sending you a “yellowrock” .
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