5th Saturday Dance at Merritt Island – 4/30/2011

Yellowrock Country Girl- pic by Michael Craft

Well, we had a busy weekend and I am finally able to get to my computer to give you the details about the great dance down in Merritt Island Florida for the Central Florida Square and Round Dancers Association.

The dance was for the raising of funds for the State Convention which dancers from all over the state and even some other states invade the lovely town of Lakeland, Florida every May. This year the convention is from May 27 thru May 29. They were also collecting donations for the tornado victims up in Alabama and the other states that were devastated by the 94 tornadoes that went thru there last week.
The 5th Saturday dance was at the Merritt Island Middle School gym  from 7:o0 pm thru 9:30 pm.
We had a great time with Dick Nordine calling rounds to start off the evening. We danced to some of our favorite dances which included the ones I requested : Roses for Elizabeth and Last Cheaters Waltz. There were lots of other round dances that we danced to in between the square dancing.
The square dance caller for the night was the very talented Charlie Pergrossi from the Jacksonville area . There were 5 squares dancing during part of the evening and all seemed to have a good time and the refreshments were quite tasty!
Rod and I were down to Merritt Island for a meeting with the Central Florida Callers Association while they took Rod’s name up for a vote to be accepted into the association. We met and ate at a very good bar-b-que restaurant called Kay’s Real Pit Bar-B-Que . If you ever get down that way you have to stop in the food was great and the staff was very pleasant and they were even excited about learning more about square dancing.
Rod was voted into the CFCA !! After we ate and the meeting was over all the callers and their TAW’s headed on over to the 5th Saturday Dance.
The 5th Saturday dance had 7 callers dancing with the square dancers which is a great opportunity for the dancers to earn a “purple heart” dangle for their badges when they dance in a square with at least 3 callers. The reason they get a “purple heart” when dancing with the callers as it has been reported that the square dance callers have trouble dancing ! Now I can report that for this dance it was just a rumor as all of the square dance callers dancing with the dancers did not seem to have forgotten how to dance.
We were all tired when the dance was done. Rod & I were so tired and my feet hurt from too much dancing that we passed on the Casselberry Hoedowners dance on Sunday. I did hear that they had a good turnout for the Casselberry Hoedowners with 3 squares dancing the afternoon away. Sorry that we missed that dance.
Until we see you in a square or a round sending a “yellowrock” from me to you.
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