The Garden as of 4/28/2011

The Back Garden – yrcg

The garden is coming along really well. I was able to get out into the garden and fertilize with some fish emulsion before the rains this afternoon. The potatoes and green beans are blooming and the burpless cucumbers are a couple of inches long. The spring strawberries are just about done.

My Better Boy Tomatoes – yrcg

The Better Boy tomatoes are looking good! Can’t wait until I can have some sliced tomatoes with my dinner.

Sweet Green Bell Peppers- yrcg

I can’t believe that I have green peppers this early, mine usually take forever. I have plans for these two for grilled pizza , maybe in a week.

Don Juan Rose – 4/28/11 – yrcg

When I saw this rose opening up the old song “Roses are Red My Love” came to mind and I have been humming it all afternoon. Too bad I don’t have any violets to go with the rose.

Maybe next update I’ll have some actual vegetables harvested that I can photograph. Until next time I hope you have a great day in your garden. Here’s sending you a “yellowrock”!
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