Cotton and the Gang

Cotton - yrcg

I would like for you to meet Cotton , she is one of my rabbits that turned a year old on Easter Sunday. She is sending out a hello to my grandkids, Kaycee and Kaleb. Whenever they come to Florida for a visit they love to go see the rabbits. Grandpa keeps trying to get them to take a couple home, but dad says “No Way” so I take care of them here.

I don’t mind they don’t ask for much. For the record, I started with two rabbits that were supposed to be boy rabbits. Guess what I found out real quick? How many babies a rabbit can have! I had fourteen rabbits at one point, but two have gone to live with another family. I still have 12 rabbits total that live happily in their INDIVIDUAL condos as Rod calls them.

So for Kaycee and Kaleb I will be including the rabbits into some of my posts from time to time so they can see how they are doing.

Licorice - The Dad - yrcg


Here is Licorice he is the dad to all of the babies. He is not real happy with me since he is no longer with his beloved. You will meet her in a different post.

Flopsy - The Escape Artist - yrcg

This is Flopsy he is Cotton’s brother and the only one of the rabbits that actually escaped from his cage but he did not go far he actually stayed hidden in the bushes until we found him and then the chase was on for about an hour before he was caught and returned to his condo. I still think he is planning his next escape, can’t you see it in his face?

Racer - yrcg

This is Racer another brother of Cotton’s. He was named by my grandson Kaleb. He is normally a charcoal grey color but he is shedding and changing colors. He’s a pretty quiet rabbit. He lets me pet him from time to time but only when it is his idea. He looks like he is up to something, don’t you think!

Miss Clover Peaches by yrcg

This is Miss Clover Peaches  she is Cotton’s sister and she was named by my grand-daughter Kaycee who calls her Peaches for short. She has such a pretty brown coat and she is the most vocal rabbit out of all 12 rabbits.  I think if she could talk she would be known as the “informer” by the other rabbits.

She comes up to the cage door in the mornings trying to tell me about everything that went on thru the night and lets me pet her most days, but she hates when I put hay in her condo. She even stands up on her back legs and shakes her front paws at me  as I put the hay in. But as soon as the door is closed she goes to rearranging everything and then eating what she likes. 
The rest of the gang was in no mood to have their pictures taken for this post so you will meet them later.  Thumper who is the mother to the 10 babies and beloved of Licorice. The rest of the birthday babies are; Pepper, Michael Jackson, Miss Elvis, Fanta, Nutmeg, Sprite. I hope everyone enjoyed meeting some of the birthday babies and until next time sending you out a “yellowrock”
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