Never Run Out of Brown Sugar

  I don’t know about you but I hate running out of brown sugar or buying brown sugar that turns into a brick before you finish up the container. I know there are ways to soften the brown sugar such as :

Placing a slice of bread in the container and let set overnite to soften.


White Sugar & Molasses - yrcg


 or by placing a slice of an apple into the container and let set overnite, it will soften the brown sugar and then take the apple out in the morning and proceed with your recipe.

That’s fine if you do not need the brown sugar until the next day. When I need brown sugar I need it now!

So I don’t buy brown sugar anymore. I make my own so I don’t have to worry about brown sugar that has turned into a brick and my brown sugar is always fresh.

All you need are two ingredients:

  1. Sugar – Just your everyday white sugar
  2. Molasses – I use Grandma’s Old Fashioned Molasses and always keep a jar in my pantry.

For light brown sugar I mix 2.5 cups sugar to 1/2 cup molasses

For dark brown sugar I mix 2 cups sugar to the 1/2 cup molasses

Mix the sugar and molasses until completely incorporated. In the beginning it will start out looking like the picture above and you will think that it will not blend together. Just keep stirring and mashing the molasses into the sugar and within a few minutes you will have lovely soft fresh brown sugar!

Use the brown sugar in your recipe and store whatever is left in a clean mason jar to use next time. I have never had a problem with this homemade brown sugar getting hard and since I always keep a jar of molasses in my pantry I can make more as I need it.

                         Soft Fresh Homemade Brown Sugar – yrcg

I hope you enjoy this homemade ingredient tip. Until next time from my kitchen to yours. Yellowrock.



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